Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy sunshine day

Holy crap....who been mess with my clock??? Oh yeah, it's daylight savings time. Now where ya get the idea that we saving time??? It seems to me that all this crap does is mess up my sleep'n time. Although I do like to still see daylight at 8 pm. The way I see it, there is only so much daylight in a given day no matter what time it is. Sunset could be at noon and it still wouldn't matter....the sun gonna still shine 12 hours plus a day.

Let me tell ya bout a rabbit hunt'n dog.  It seems that somehow a rabbit got hisself stranded in the fenced in yard at Billy Bobs house. Well Lug Nut see him and just like that, run that rabbit in a 4 inch pvc pipe where he ain't gonna never come out.

That piece of pipe come from another encounter with a rabbit last year when Lug Nut drug that sucker to "da house" from way over there....bout 50 yards or so. This time Lug Nut drug it all over the yard, up under "da porch", knock over my flat tire bicycle and never gave up for a second. After a couple hours I decided that that poor little rabbit had had enough of this abuse. I shook him out that pipe into the cactus garden. He stood there try'n to figger out where he was and then he see Lug Nut....pooooof, he were gone....just like that. I could'a eat that rabbit.

I know I ain't the first, but I got to admit....I think I done been scammed. Remember that $100 I were gonna save??? Well it look like I gonna be "out" $225....including shipping and handling. "Damn Billy Bob, sometime you so stupit".

Tom, the satellite guy, brung me a brand spank'n new dish yesterday. Didn't cost me nuttin. So, after while, I gonna replace this one what been blowed over a couple time with this brand spank'n new one.
Speed test: Before change 39KB per sec.download....28.6 KB per sec. upload.
                  After change.....now this really sucks....23KB down....24KB up

Now what the hell ya gonna do Billy Bob???? It does absolutely no good at all to call customer service. They all in India and don't speak good English....but even if they did, it still does no good at all to call customer service. So.....old Billy Bob gonna do a bit of advertiz'n for Hughes Net Satellite Internet....if'n you're think'n bout it....DON'T DO IT. $$$$$ a month for dial up speed ain't worth the effort. It's a rip off. Their internet service sucks. By cracky I feel much better now. But old Billy Bob is still pissed.

Ah ha, old Billy Bob go outside and take a look see that brand spank'n new satellite dish. Here the deal....that sucker is bent...right there where it ain't sposed to be. Ya rekon that why the satellite guy "gave" it to me for free??? Bet ya a dollar I take it back to him tomorrow morning on my way to get a loaf of bread from Walmart.



  1. So? What's the speed AFTer the upgrade? or are you totally off line now? Glad you saved that bunny from your ole mean dogs. :-)

  2. Well, can you put the old one back in service? or get you an air card?

  3. Saw Rich and wife, ken, Chili Bob,solar mike and Andy (the canadian didnt see me) at the legion this morning. I played and sung at the slabs , and Im opening for the range next weekend. Did you open my page to hear the song JUST PLAIN DOG?

  4. OGT....page???? What page???
    LOL....you sing'n at the Range. Wish I was there. Good luck....I guess.

  5. I played today at the Oasis, And got an invite to open at the range.

    yer pullin my leg about you not finding my page http://www.offgridterlingua.com/ogts-blog.html

  6. Better get a muzzle for Lugnut.

  7. Well what the hell....I thought OGT done closed up his blog.
    How do I get to it???