Friday, March 19, 2010

Confus'n the troops

Hee hee hee....last night I got to think'n, "ya gots to post something to confuse the troops". I got an email someone was get'n bored with my blog and wanted me to send air fare to Louisiana. I try my derndest to confuse ya with every post but here lately, my mind ain't work'n right and I been post'n just everyday "nuttin" stuff what I rekon is pretty boring. May have something to do with old Billy Bob being bored with "nuttin to do".

Boy howdy is it a beautiful day or what? I seen that sun come up this morning and I says to myself..."this is it...a beautiful day is on the horizon". Of course it were shin'n in my eyes here at the computer. Now I'm not say'n yesterday weren't a beautiful day 'cause it was. I mean it were sooo beautiful, me and pesky neighbor Wayne went to the Country Club and swak'ed us some golf balls. All over the place.

Now let me tell ya bout swak'n golf balls. It been 4 months since old Billy Bob put his bare feet on a golf course, so I weren't expect'n a good game. But I weren't expect'n a bad game either. At least not THAT bad. I done hit 3 brand spank'n new balls in the water on # 7 what put me 5 over par....on that hole. It ain't that I don't know how to swak a golf ball, it were just that the golf balls were thirsty.....or something like that. I were try'n my derndest to stay under 100...what is a girl score. Nope...103. Never gonna play again...sheesh!!!

Don't know what wrong my dogs. All they wanna do is lay round and sleep. You would think out here in the middle of nowhere...and free to run, they would do something. They ain't bird dogs 'cause the birds ain't skeered of them. They must be rabbit dogs, but there ain't no rabbits.....coyotes must'a 'et 'em. They won't chase a ball and Lug Nut eats the sticks I throw. Crazy dogs!!!

Speak'n of dogs.....one them "trailer trash" come down by my ranch this morning wear'n a orange tee shirt and orange shorts....what the hell. Anyhows, Lug Nut get ruffled up and were tell'n him to "git off my land". He don't belong down here. Then here he comes back later in his little red Chevette.....gun'n that little 4 banger engine and tried to run down Lug Nut. Now for the rest of the story.... Can old Billy Bob go to jail for cuss'n his ass out with .357 in hand???

Ok...I got things to do.....laters

Laters....."Holy crap Billy Bob, look what ya done went and done". I hook up that little trailer full of dumpster stuff to the golf cart and head off into the wind to empty it. Boy howdy....it were blow'n bout 15 mph but then all hell break loose....70 mph gust'n to 180. I been in worse winds than this when I lived on the boat.....500 mph winds.

But anyhows.......


  1. chevette? I was taking a wild guess that they had a chevette. LOL figures

  2. I had a cop tell me a long time ago, that if I shot someone, drag the body at least half into my door. Then I had shot an intruder Not someone outside. Just a thought

  3. LOL OGT, I just said chevette cause you mentioned a chevette last week. But it look like one...old with a bunch of whiskey dents and stuff.

    Ben...I may be mistaken, but in New Mexico I think ya can shoot someone just for being stupit. But I wern't gonna shoot him....just let him know "ya don't mess with old folks".

  4. I came up with a funny one on bens blog.

  5. Hey BB, lure that trailer trash over to Texas and bring along a few of them New Mexicans, We'll teach them a thing or three and put on a pretty show at the same time. I need a few hunks of gator bait. Pesky things startin to think they own my fishing spot. Tried to use cotton mouths for bait but they hard to put on the hooks. Gotta say that no matter where you at, a 12 ga with 00 buck speaks mighty loud.

  6. Dang it BB!!! Now I gots to go wash my eyes out , after reading about you running around in your birthday suit tying to secure the boat was just waaaay more than I really needed to know.

    Dammed!! maybe I need another drink to get that imagine out of my head so I can sleep peaceful tonite.