Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Ok....so what if the sun is shin'n??? Does that mean I can go outside and sit on "da porch" sip'n a cup? That's the plan, but it's gonna be a while since it's still 34 degs out there. This is it....winter is over. Yee Haa!!!

Old pesky neighbor Wayne come over this morning complain'n bout some freak'n bird. Seems one of the "trailer trash" is going to California and needed to get rid of a bird. Wayne was quick to jump on it and took that sucker home...right now. Now I gonna have to listen to has rant'n and rav'n bout how hard it is to take care of a bird....sheesh!!! I'll let the sucker loose...that what I would do.

Wouldn't ya know it....remember all the problems I have with "that jeep"??? Well NOW there is a terrible vibration in the front end. Climbed up under there "take a look" and...yep....that would cause a vibration. Front pinion bearing got to be replaced. Now...if'n I replace the pinion bearing, take the lift kit off and replace them big ass tires, that gonna cost me right at $1500. That would make "that jeep" worth over $5000 with a resale value of $2800. What a deal. Time to put my "little red Bronco II" back on the road and park "that jeep".

As you know, old Billy Bob ain't get'n round like he used to do. Seems like every day something new pops up and mess up all my plans. My heart is work'n just fine, but damn....I can't breath worth a crap. Just that long walk (15 feet) to the porch wears me slap out...gotta sit down and take a "breather". Sip some coffee and do some think'n.

Speak'n of think'n...did ya know that ya can't do good think'n when you're cooped up in a motorhome? There's something bout sit'n outside (on da porch sip'n a cup) that makes the mind do wonders. I got me some think'n to do so's I better get my shoes on and go outside...."Lug Nut", where my other shoe"??

Speak'n of shoes....did ya know that old Billy Bob ain't wore shoes in a year and a half??? Ya see, it's like this...shoes hurt my feet. I got this big ole Arthur-itis thingy on my big toe and when I put it in a shoe....Boy howdy does it hurt.
Shoe update....I got a pair of steel toe shoes from when I worked at The University of Texas what ain't never been wore. Gonna give them a try today and see what happen. Red Wings.

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  1. Well BB that breathing thing could be one or several of several things, if'n your lucky, all you need to do is air up that flat on the bike and start riding it a few miles every day, that would be the easiest remedy. HOWEVER if'n your like my mother that has been smoking for the last approx 70 years. then it could be a whole new game and the game is called COPD. Suggest you look it up. Basically that would mean it is time to haul out the breathing assisting machines and the portable oxygen tanks and the every four hour breathing treatments. I do know one thing for absolutely gospel, as long as you keep smoking your breathing will get worse and worse and you will start spending time in the hospital with pneumonia and congestive heart failure. Sorry for the preaching, just can't help it. After you've lost several relatives to this COPD, it gets kinda hard to stand by and keep my mouth shut. Especially when most of the effects can be reduced dramatically just by stopping smoking!!!

  2. I just got back from the store and there was a woman with a portable oxygen machine who was smoking outside.

  3. Bob, I always appreciate your comments. And yeah I have lung problems. Dr wants me on oxygen and says to walk. That was a year ago when I could breath.
    Do ya think if'n I quit smok'n, I could run a marathon???

    Anon....yep, that's what smokers do. Old pesky neighbor Wayne is on oxygen....while he lights up. He also caught pneumonia for a week and blamed it on the propane delivery guy.

  4. Just tell wayne , I dont think you can catch pnomia from kissin

  5. BB, you know me,I ain't gonna tell you to stop smoking. Just put me in your will ok? Hell, I still smoking 2 packs a day.
    Now about that bird that Wayne got.. gonna fatten it up and cook it up? :-) Probably taste like Chicken!!

  6. Not saying you could run any marathons, but you could at least walk around the block with relative ease. Even at our age, when you stop abusing your lungs they will do a small bit of recouping, not saying you will get a whole lot better, but the main thing is that you won't keep getting worse.

  7. quitting smoking would be start, but I guess you already knew that.