Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sheeh!!! Now what???

Do ya ever see the sun come up in the morning? I do. Ya see, I don't close my curtain thingys 'cause I don't do drugs. Why did Jimmy crack corn?

Last night we was lay'n on the couch watch'n Cops and Sadie Mae look me in the eye and say "I don't wanna go". I told her bout all the fun we was gonna have catch'n fish, golf'n and stuff and all she say was "I don't like fish, and I don't like camp'n".
Hold on....phone call

Ok, here's the deal. Two hours to pull the front drive line in "that jeep". Boy howdy, who tighten them bolts. Took a little road trip down the highway 80 mile a hour to check for vibration. Yep, it still there. Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob?? Then I check the transmission fluid. Too much. Now how the hell I gonna get some out??? Then, the battery was low. Sheesh, who the hell put these connections on like that. Loose and crudded up. Then I took the little red Bronco II for a run up the dirt road. Decided to turn left and get on the golf cart track. Put it to the floor and send dust, dirt and mesquite bushes fly'n. Then I knock my mirror off on that tree right over there. What a ride.

Did I mention the little video OGT put on his blog??? You would think a grown educated man would find better things to do, but ya gotta see it. Right here.


  1. Reminds me of camping on the coast of Oregon. Rumor was that the sun did shine occasionally, but it sometime took several weeks to verify that.

  2. Dang it Billy!!! Don't leave us hanging , who was on the phone ? And what you and Sadie Mae decide?

  3. I think that Lugnut is going to be involved in this decision too.

  4. Me thinks that phone call was from some gal what he wants to go traveling with him. I bet he talked her into cleaning up Sally just to see if she works out. Now she will have to cook a meal just from what he has in the cabnet's, that might not be too bad as I think he just got back from Wal-Mart.

    Wake up BB

  5. Sadie Mae talks? Oky dokie...
    Me thinks you got to smelling some of the green stuff your neighbors were smoking.

    "That Jeep" sure has been problematic now you know why the owner drove all the way to New Mexico to sell it to you.

    I would LOVE to see the video OGT put out but as you know I have dial up internet :-(