Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yesterday is gone

Well, yesterday was fun, but yesterday is gone. All the silly comments amused me, but I have some concerns with one of the commenter's. Ya ain't go'n with me, shaved legs or not. And to the nice little lady, so sorry you don't meet the most important qualifications.

For today, I'll attempt to find some other nonsense to write about, but in the mean time, it's serious all the way....important stuff.

Old pesky neighbor Wayne come over this morn'n with a pocket full on food. Yeah, he carries food in his pockets. Anyhows, we gonna go swak some golf balls here in a bit. Been a week ya know.
Will return later with details of this most important activity that consumes the better part of my day. Gonna swak that ball a mile.

Boy howdy I'm gonna tell ya right now, that old Billy Bob know something bout swak'n golf balls. It weren't my best game, but it sure were a long ways from being my worst game.  On a par 5, I hit that ball so hard it were on the green. Only it weren't the right green....it were that one over there. Took out a 5 wood and swak that sucker so hard it make my shimmie's shimmy....right round them trees what was right in front me, end'n up in the middle of the fareway...right where is sposed to be. Wonderful day of golf.

Oh boy, the trailer trash people have started more crap. One has video cameras pointed at other sites recording any activity. I would think that would be considered invasion of privacy, but what the hell does old Billy Bob know. And then, after a great game of golf, I come back to a conflict about my harmless little dogs run'n loose. As this is private property and the owner has given his permission for them to have "open range" of the place.....what the hell does old Billy Bob know. As this saga continues, you will be informed of any new occurrences.

Now that I have had a nice hot cup of soup and a Spam and cheese sandwich, I think it's time for a little nappie poo. When I wake up I'll be all grumpy and stuff and if anyone want some trouble.....well, what can I say?


  1. How is old blue eyes? I figured he was on a strict diet after his heart attack.

    Came by early this morning since I know you are an early riser but no post yet.

    Hope all goes well swaking balls.

  2. ROFL - rolling over falling laughing

  3. Well BB,ya know if'n some anonymous caller from some pay phone on the other side of town were to report that they could have sworn that them fellers in so & so spot in your park seemed to be having a lot of traffic and exchanging small packages for what looks from a distance like money, the drug fellers down at the caboose might get really interested and persuade the trash to relocate. Just an anonymous suggestion. Be sure to mention the surveillance cameras what looks like they are keeping an eye out for the law..

  4. LOL Bob, this is Deming ya know. At another rv park down town I seen a "delivery" to a travel trailer while the lights of local law enforcement were one row over bust'n a guy for PI.

  5. MsB....old blue eyes is as mean as ever. He says..."I eat what I want" and that's the whole truth. He does.
    Since we both had the same doctor, I suppose his diet is the same as mine. What sucks!!!

  6. Uncle Ben, unlike Texas, it's legal to carry in New Mexico....but the park owner says no...and he's boss.
    Now on private property in Texas, yes you can carry, but don't go down town with it hang'n off your side. It has to be 'concealed' under the seat or in the trunk. Go figger.