Sunday, March 7, 2010

Homebase Deming

Boy howdy, this is cool. I'm back in Deming, the land of "do'n nuttin". I were think'n bout all the work I was gonna have to do when I got back, but hell, things are look'n up. The yard I thought was gonna have to be plowed and grass replanted is clean as a whistle....other than a few tumble weeds what climbed over the fence. "Da porch look the same as when I left it 4 months ago, so ain't got nuttin the do there. Got a few weeds growed up in the cactus garden, but they kind of look cute out there, so no weed'n necessary. "So, what the hell ya gonna do Billy Bob"??? I rekon, for a few days, I'm gonna sit back and "do nuttin".

I been look'n for a new hobby, or better yet, something to build. I got to think'n while I was at the pond....when the fish weren't bit'n, sure would be nice to have a little remote control boat to play with. Well, first I thought about a tug boat. Then I thought bout a sail boat. Then after spend'n hours on the internat, I figgered out what I really need is a big ol' Mississippi riverboat. What ya think????

I were plan'n on go'n to the golf course today and swak a few balls but it's rain'n in Deming. Well, just a little bit. Plus....it would take hours to get to my golf bag under all them dirty clothes and stuff on the floor. So I rekon today will be something like yesterday....lay back and "do nuttin".

Old pesky neighbor Wayne is gonna grill up some ribs today....at least that what he say. One thing Wayne can cook is ribs. Boy howdy, let me tell ya.


  1. Hey Billy Bob... I heard of some folks who hook up bait and a fishing line to them remote control boats and use em to catch fish!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) http://kareninthewoods-kareninthewoods.blogspot.com/

  2. what happens when the fish is bigger than the boat?

  3. OGT said...
    "what happens when the fish is bigger than the boat?"

    I can tell ya!!! IT is then called a submarine!!

  4. Submarine ain't a bad idea. Have an underwater camera and spears for torpedoes. Just hunt up some of those big ones spear them and then tow them in.

  5. "it would take hours to get to my golf bag under all them dirty clothes and stuff on the floor."

    Billy Bob I can't believe you of all people did not have your golf bag ready to go at a moments notice!!

    Sounds like you got yourself a project there when you get tired of do'n nutting :-)