Monday, April 5, 2010

Things to do

Waked up way too early again this morning. It was still freak'n dark. Then the sun come up through them clouds. Clouds??? Why clouds? Now what gonna happen to old Billy Bob? If'n it ain't clouds and rain, it's wind. If'n it ain't wind, it's freez'n cold. If'n it's not freezn cold, it's so hot ya can't breath. What the hell this world com'n to???

Now, about them new tires I ordered for "that jeep". Are they here??? Hell, I don't know. Will check when I go to town to get some parts for the boat. Doctor appointment tomorrow afternoon, so that gonna be out the way. Have ya ever put off a doctor appointment 'cause ya don't wanna listen to him moan and groan bout "smok'n". You would think he would be more concerned about my health than if I'm still smoking. No, no one has proven to me that smoking is unhealthy. Just like what they are saying about Mc Donalds. I eat at Mc Donalds and I ain't fat.

What is this world coming to? Bet ya heard that statement made most of your life, ain't ya??? If ya really wanna have some fun, and be disgusted at the same time, read the news online. Then turn around and read all the viewer comments. My God, this world is filled with idiots. Bashing each other with statements that wouldn't be said in a bar filled with inebriated drunks. LOL....if they were, there would be some "ass whoop'n". Human nature I rekon.

Do you know how long it takes to install decks on a river boat. I think it was River Hauler what done it to his boat not long ago. Well, it took me over 2 hours last night to install the decks and seal them so my boat don't sink.

Well shoot, old Billy Bob got some think'n to do. Done wasted a week play'n with a toy and not a thing done about get'n ready for a trip. But actually, I could take off today and be confident that all systems were "go". Of course, I would have to wash up some dishes and take out the trash, but I could get all that done in a couple days.


  1. Man Billy Bob I am getting anzy to see that big ole thing finished and floating down the river!!! Need to mount a camera on it, so you will have evidence that it really does float. I mounted my camera on my RC car today and tried a video from it, if you interested.


  2. Boy howdy, I sure were interested to see that video of the truck. But....it don't work. Switched from my Netscape browser to the latest model of Firefox and it still don't work. Then I switched to that God awful Internet Explorer and it still don't work. You sure you ain't pull'n a prank on old Billy Bob???

  3. I got rid of exploder a while back a go and downloaded Google Chrome. Its more simple and fast.