Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New electrical project.....done to perfection

"What the hell Billy Bob, do you know what freak'n time it is"? Yup, I sure do.....ya see, it's like this. Yo Mama waked me up this morn'n at right bout 10am bang'n on my dad gum door.  Way pass the time I usually get up. I don't recall last night be'n "one of them nights", so's I must of just needed the extra sleep. I did wake up bout three times earlier though, but I don't get up when it's pitch black outside. That's for farmers.

I were gonna try to answer comments yesterday, but when I started......"you cain't say that Billy Bob". Well, it weren't really that way, I just couldn't think of what to say. That happens a lot these days......Grrrrrr!
Whether ya know it or not, comments make my day....make me do some think'n bout the situation I got myself into. Why the hell didn't I get my back fixed right after I hurt it, instead of think'n it would fix it's self? Damn, it's been 14 years. Yes, I put myself in this situation.

After Yo Mama visited for a while, drinked coffee, beat her gums, an' she left, my wonderful son Robert shows up with a bag full of goodies, an' another bag with 4 Krystal hamburgers in it. "Hot damn, Krystals for breakfast". I love Krystals.  
He's gonna do some electrical work for me. He says to me...."git out the way daddy, I got work to do".....so no blog until now. Now let me tell ya bout modern day electricians.....they need supervision.
I now have a brand spank'n new 4 gang 120 volt receptacle, moved the 12 volt plug in thingy for the internet signal amplifier an' reinstalled the 120 volt inverter receptacle. That turn into a chore 'cause he don't listen to his daddy.
I love my son Robert......
In case you're wonder'n, there is yet to be installed under the desk a gutter to hold all them wires from hang'n down like that. It gonna be purdy. 

That's all I can think of right now. Sorry I'm late. Maybe, just maybe....tomorrow.


  1. Better late than never. I betha it will all work just find. Good job, you son did. Must have learned a thing or two from his old man.

  2. I should make it to Decatur tomorrow and have the great golf course next door to Comfort Castle. HE, He, he

  3. Electrical stuff just leaves me in the dark! My daddy was an electrician and I learned a respect for anyone who is good at that kind of work.

  4. Now that sound like a great Job, nice to have Robert there to do a few things for his Daddy.
    Now you can make them wires look purdy!

  5. You are fortunate to have a son to help you with electrical stuff. Hiring an electrician is mighty expensive. You did good Robert :)