Friday, July 11, 2014

Just a reminder....Billy Bob is still alive

Ok, I will try to explain tomorrow.

I got up this morn'n.
Robert come by to take my way the hell an' gone for my MRI.
I got my MRI.
We drove in the rain.
I made it back home safely.
I took two great big ol' aspirins.
I feel better.
My other plexiglass door came in the mail.

Speak'n of coffee.....the Black Silk by Folgers ain't really all that bad.....but!!!!
I still have the unopened can of Maxwell House French roast to open. Community coffee was try'ed a few years back. That wasn't what I was look'n for neither. With the open can of Classic an' the open can of Black Silk....an' the can of unopened French roast, it's gonna be a while before I bitch an' moan bout coffee again. Ha....probly ain't a damn thing wrong with the coffee. My taste buds ain't like they used to be....everthing taste like chicken.

Ok, who deleted Sissy's comment yesterday? That girl makes good comments....leave her be.

Also, bout that pressure cooker. I'm gonna give it to one of the "family cooks". That way it will get some use, where I would probly never use it again.

See ya in the morn'n.....


  1. Like I tole ya afore, ifn ya wake up in da mornin an nuttin hurts, then ya dade.

  2. why are you now deleting sissy's comments now BB ? WHY? WHY ? WHY ? UNBELIEVABLE ? UNBELIEVABLE ? UNBELIEVABLE ?

    1. louie read my comment above instead of making accusations.

  3. Wonder what it would taste like if you mixed all three of those coffees together. I bet it would be good.

  4. After my surgery I could barely drink half a cup of coffee in the morning, although that was enough to keep me from getting a headache. I'm back up to my normal amount now though. And I've recovered my taste for beer!! Yee haw! I never thought it would happen - now I've gotta make sure I don't keep it in the house except now and then. Do you have any idea about when you will get the results of your MRI? I hope it's soon so you can either get an operation or decide if you are going to treat the problem some other way.

  5. BB took his tee shot and watched the ball sail into the woods. His next shot went into a few trees. He tried again and managed to hit the ball over the fairway and into more trees. Finally, after several more shots, he ended up in a sand trap.
    Throughout his ordeal, he was under the watchful eye of the local golf pro.
    "What club should I use on this shot?" he asked the pro.
    "I don't know," the pro replied. "What game are you playing?"

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. ....."everthing taste like chicken". - even your coffee? Everyone I know, self included, complains that chicken doesn't taste like chicken - ever since they started packing the birds full of antibiotics and hormones and WATER to make it weigh more. Does chicken taste like chicken for you?

      Yes I deleted the comment; wasn't worthy of reading. Okay, Louie, you can relax; give BB an apology - tweren't him.

      Speaking of coffee: I use McDaniel's, a product at Sav-A-Lot store. Pretty darn good- two cups and I'm almost aware that I'll probably live another day, yet keep on drinking till the 12 potful is gone. I've got to slow down - two huge cans used in 7 weeks is a bit too much; no wonder my stomach is bothering me. I like iced coffee too, w/milk, sugar, plenty of ice. Yummy. I'm betting a plop of vanilla ice cream would really jazz it up.

  7. That great to hear you is still alive.
    We found a coffee we like years ago, only available in Canada. Individual packets make a 12 cup pot. Take enough south every fall for 200 pots, for our 182 days in the USA.
    Good luck with the MRI results.