Monday, July 28, 2014

Acceptable blog matteral

Got to think'n last night bout what to post on a blog. Or should I say, what is acceptable to post on a blog. Some the stuff I post is probly right on the edge of.....holy crap, what is that word I'm look'n for?

Ya see, my blog tells ya bout everthing I do from the time I get up till the time I finally hit the sack somewheres past the midnight hours......an' then some. Now I ain't say'n I tell ya everthing, but I do paint ya a picture of my life. There ain't many bloggers what do that. They hide behind....."don't say it Billy Bob, somebody gonna git pissed". But there are a select few....an' them are my favorites. For those of ya that been read'n my blog for a hunnert year or so, know all there is to know bout me. Shoot....YOU could write a book....sell bout 14 copies.

But I wouldn't have my blog content any different. I mean like....if'n I'm gonna tell ya a story, let's put some facks in there too. Facks what led up to the story. Like when I was just a tyke, liv'n on the farm, I was a rambunctious little bastard what did stuff no normal kid would think of do'n. When ya know that little piece of fact, the story has more mean'n. Do I like mean'n in my stories? You betcha I do. And I like a bunch of spices too. Kind a sorta makes ya forget the down times a bit.

But......maybe it's time for a change. *sit'n here think'n* What should I change? Ok, forget all that stuff I just said......I ain't chang'n nuttin.

Now bout last night. "My god Billy Bob, nobody is still awake at 5am in the morn'n". Well, I was. My mind was in high gear....think'n bout stuff that ain't got no mean'n what so ever. My pet chicken. My dogs. My cats. Run'n a red light in Kansas. Swim'n in a creek an' I cain't swim. Mountain lion hunt'n. Swak'n a rattlesnake with a brand spank'n new fish pole. Health issues came to mind. Broke stuff came to mind. See what I'm talk'n bout.....I think weird stuff when I should be sound asleep.

Only 8 more days. That's my appointment with the surgeon doctor ya know. Now while I'm sit'n here think'n bout it, too many people think there ain't "nuttin to it" get'n my back fixed. Well, let me tell ya right now, there IS something to it. I got the MRI ya know an' what I see in that thing is a beat up old pick'em up truck with a bent frame, ball joints wore slap out....bunch of whiskey dents, broke winders....an' a dead battery. Get'n this close to my appointment, do'n further research....look'n at that pick'em up truck, I get'n them negative feel'ns again. It keeps me awake at night....see above.

I had so much company yesterday I didn't do a damn thing. But, I didn't make no plans to do nuttin anyhows. Well I did, but it will still be there tomorrow....or the next day. I don't believe in rush'n in to anything ya know, especially work. Hmmmmmm....is in to the same as into?



  1. Billy Bob, I certainly can understand the anxiety about your doctor's appt. Been there myself several times through the years. Reckon its normal yet often needless to worry but we only realize afterward if our stress was unnecessary. We all are humans with all the emotions and such baggage. Heck, I stress over any appointment anymore. Seriously - even the fact I must not forget to pay my monthly bills on time! Yet, I always do so, then relief sets in that that is behind me BUT very soon start worrying again. Take a few deep breaths and know that "What will be, will be" and fretting doesn't help one little bit. Ha, I talk big, don't I? Maybe it would help if you just pour your heart out to your sons. Know that there are those out here that are worrying right along with you and hoping for the best.

  2. Don't change a thing about the way you write your blog. It is your unique way of looking at life and describing things that makes your writing so interesting to us. Those who don't like it should just not read it (how hard is that to understand). I sure do understand the anxiety that builds up before an operation or medical procedure. I don't know if there is a way to change that because you just get scared, irritated (damn mad), worried,can't focus on anything, mind racing, and all that crap, but just count down the days and it will soon be recuperation time. Hang in there, friend.

  3. Before you know it that pick up truck will be almost full restored, motoring on down the road again.

  4. remember mr.B.B. if it can't be fixed in usa i know how to drive you big rig and i know the direction to mexico plus i can translate for you . ether way you will be fixed somewhere if you really want to be fixed.
    i am back from my homeland security citizenship interview .the immigration officer said as far has he is concerned i passed everything 100%. the only thing is his supervisor might have concerns with why i have not filed income tax each year .that might be a deal breaker .i hope not . he said i should here from them in a month . i hope so . because my green card expires on the 27th of august 2014 . them i will be in trouble if they don't say ok i passed. the officer said he will do what he can to get me through and before my expiry date . i wish i was approved today ,i now have to wait a little longer.

    1. "wait a little longer"

      and have anxiety, Louie? No need to; what will be, will be.

  5. Guess my son and i look at it a little different... If there's anything that can be done,,it HAS to be. Otherwise, the future is just too bad to contemplate. So, like he's saying now,,, wish it was tomorrow. He's so happy now, because there is a doc that can help him.

  6. I don't even like a person after he or she tells me that my back surgery is "nothing" and that "everything will be okay." I will need three units of blood, will have a six-inch scar and will be incapable of walking when I come out of surgery. These people say this to shut me up. They don't want to be a supportive friend. NO ONE will even be with me during surgery. My children are thousands of miles away.

    With all the MRSA going around, I do not want my spinal cord infected. That is my brain. If I got an infection in a foot or arm, I could live without that. I cannot do without a functioning brain.

    I know you know all this and probably more.

    I don't think that there is nothing to do to change future outcomes. I don't think that whatever happens was meant to be. Plus, I am totally unimpressed and left with a cold feeling when people say they will pray for me....translated, "Don't expect me to be supportive."

  7. I think you are facing it better than I would. Of course, when it comes to operations I'm a sissy! Only one I ever had was catarac surgery, but that turned out great for me!

    I certainly can understand the nervousness about waiting!