Sunday, January 29, 2012

Work on Sunday????

Sunday, Sunday....what does a person do on Sunday? I know what I usually do, but what do you do?

It was a bit chilly again this morn'n and only up to 60 degs at 10:30. Does this mean old Billy Bob is gonna sit inside all day long and "do nuttin"? It could exactly mean that, but that ain't what I got planned. Ya see, nephew Joseph came in from the oil fields last night, so I gonna attempt to con him into work'n on "that jeep". That means I got to put on some shoes and go downtown for more parts. Yeah, it's a $5000 Jeep now with all the repairs I've had to do, and I don't think it's gonna end there.

I been think'n it's get'n time to hit the road again to another camp site. I ain't talk'n bout a long trip off to somewheres I ain't never been afore, but just up the road a piece.....bout 30 mile. Park'n "Sally da house" that close to the water is my only concern. What if the tide comes in and "da house" sink bout a foot or so? Then I really be in trouble. But first things first. Fix "that jeep", fix the dash air in "da house" and get my back feel'n better. Oh yeah, and fix that damn A/C what comes on when it's turn off. Ain't never see such a thing like that after 30 years of servicing air conditioners an' stuff like that. "Psssssst Billy Bob....replace the thermostat".

Ok.....off to town. See ya laters.....

I rekon I can call today another good day. Went off to town to the parts house.....they didn't have all my parts. Went to 2 more, 8 and 28 miles apart.....they was closed. Went to another one, got the seal. Went to another one, got the thermostat hose housing (????) thingy to fix the water leak. Installed the seal and drained an' refilled the transfer case. Went by "other" BIL and pick up the black light and dye to find the leak on the "da house" dash air. He gived me a wheelchair battery, 12 volts....35 amp hour for my "bubba boat". But the damn thing ain't tak'n no charge....Grrrrrrrrr.
Yes, it's been a good day....."Hey, I'm hungry....when supper gonna be ready".


  1. Nah, BB, it ain't the thermastat. It is ghosts!!!

  2. We painted the rest of the kitchen, both above and below the cupboards, then the whole ceiling. Put up a new stove vent/fan and painted the back wall of the loft (rest is pine boards)


    Is that enough for a Sunday?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. Since I "retired myself" all days are the same. Today I did laundry, sort of cleaned my room (moved a couple of boxes) and considered raking leaves but that is as far as I got.

    You on the other hand did a LOT. Glad you have nephew Joseph to give you a hand with "that jeep".