Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pooof....gone just like that

Holy crap....January 2012 is done for......gone, poooof....just like that. But, as many may suspect, it's money day at old Billy Bob's house. Can't rightly say that it's free money since I worked for so many years for this day to arrive, but it's money well deserved. One of my pet peeves is those the receive "free" money every month through SSI and other government programs. Now I ain't say'n that it's not deserved by "some", it's the freeloaders I'm talk'n bout. These are the ones that don't want to work and earn their own like the other 50%. These are the ones that get a headache and consider it a handicap.
Oh nevermind, this is go'n in the wrong direction.

Good morn'n to all ya. I could have said y'all, or ya'all or yoos guys, but I'm talk'n ALL ya. Funny how a simple statement like that can cause somebody to get their underdrawers all wad'ed up in a little bunch and cause a "north/south", "state/state" division. Ponder on that if you will.

Started up the motor on "da house" again this morn'n.....dash air cranked to super cold. Gonna find that leak I betcha. That is if'n that fluorescent yeller dye will make it's presence known. Went out there last night after dark and shined that little UV light all over the place. Didn't see a thing. The only place what showed up as a leak was on the front of "da house" wheres I blowed that crap all over the place.

Here in a bit, I gonna change that thermostat what is tell'n my front rooftop a/c to come on when it ain't supposed to. The one on the back a/c thermostat is the same as the front. After the change, if the back a/c comes on when it ain't supposed to, then I'll know for 100% sure the thermostat is "bit the dust". That's when I'll go to the high dollar RV parts store and buy me up a brand spank'n new one.

Ok....got things to do. Plans to make. Day dream a bit.

2:30pm....or something like that.

That's bout it for the day dream'n part. Didn't happen. Got all tangled up in the think'n part.
Changed....oh wait, put the back thermostat on the front a/c and walla....it' work fine. Other one lay'n on the counter. Wonder how long it gonna take me to put it on the back a/c? Procrastinate ya know.....or something like that.

Oh, before I forget, that AGM deep cycle wheelchair battery is comm'n along just fine. Gonna make that "bubba boat" run all day long a hunnert mile a hour. When I got up this morning the voltage was up to 12.23 volts. Rain done zapped my battery charger so I dried it out with the exhaust pipe of the "da house" motor. Haa, worked just fine. Now all I got to do is put the charger back together again.....probable today, but don't bet your whole paycheck on it.

Fount me a nice comfortable place to sit out on "da porch" with a cup of coffee and got to think'n.....adjust the driveshaft angle on "that jeep". Now I ain't talk'n no easy task here. Ya got to take a bunch of stuff apart and not move anything, nuttin....don't even breath on it, or "that jeep" gonna be go'n down the road sideways. Well, I sit's there think'n this thing out, just to be on the cautious side so the damn thing don't fall on me....go to the hospital and all that stuff. Got everything all blocked and did exactly what I say I was gonna do. Driveshaft is adjusted straight as a arrow. And no injuries.

Ok, now what the hell am I gonna do? That what I said when I got back to "da porch" for another break. I got me a list in my head, but most of it is nonsense. Change oil in "da house", change oil in the Onan generator, change the air filter for the hunnert horsepower motor in "da house" (actually I think it closer to 3 hunnert horsepower). Dang, I get all that done I can hit the road. Maybe go catch me up some fish.

For a decrepit 70 year old man, I figger I had me another pretty good day, climb'n up under "that jeep" an' fix'n stuff. What ya think???


  1. You can say "all you" or "you all", don't matter to me. I got one foot in the north and one in the sourth. 'course, I stand more on the southern foot (grin).

  2. What are you doing now to that Jeep? When I left to go to Quartzsite you had it all fixed up like new, now your throwing money at it again.

    What about that little red Braco is it worth fixing?

  3. Fuck the freeloaders, I worked for my retirement ...

    dash air cranked to super cold.

    As a retired master mechanic I would need to know more to help you, if you need some help with it.

    Is it an older system using R12 or a newer system using R134A?

    Either way, if you have to open up the system to work on it you will need a damn good vacuum pump to evacuate it after putting it back together again.

    You need to put about 28 inches of vacuum on it for at least ten minutes to get the air and moisture out of it.

    And dyes don't always work as advertised unless you have enough freon in the system to move it around.

    The oil in the system is carried along by the freon, if there isn't enough freon in the system it's not going to drag the dye around because it's in the oil, not the freon.

    So if you are not getting nice cold air at this point you need to put more freon in now to get that dye moving around.

    You mentioned gauges but not what the readings are, the high side gauge needs to be reading about 200 pounds at a high idle.

    Forget trying to fill an A/C unit at an idle, the motor needs to be running at over 1000 RPM.

  4. I'm assuming that the clutch is engaging and the compressor is actually turning. There is a low pressure switch in the system that won't allow the clutch to engage if there isn't much freon in the system, it has to be bypassed to fill a low or empty system.

    But maybe you already know all that.

  5. BBC, appreciate your attempt to "give me a hand", but yes, I'm well qualified. Have all the necessary equipment along with 30 years experience in the HVAC trades, automotive included.
    Oh by the way, the leak showed up at the low pressure cut out switch. Pics tomorrow of the pretty florescent yeller dye.

    River, I decided that putting another thousand in "that jeep" is much cheaper than replacing it. Sold the "little red broncoII" over a year ago.
    Good to see ya again.

  6. My goodness Billy Bob I am plumb worn out just from reading what you did today.

    Wish I had the knowledge you have to be able to fix stuff. I am tired of paying worthless people who claim to know what they are doing only to find out otherwise.

    Want to come down to Del Rio and fix Dad's old car? :-)

  7. Boy howdy, Billy Bob! Found your blog about a week ago and went all the way back to the beginning and worked my way all the way back to this end. Whew! Now, I forgot how I found it in the first place. HAH!

    Anyway, interesting stuff and I'll be checkin' in regular like.

  8. Most people I have met on SSI with the absolute exception of my brother in law who has worked for over 35 years at a place that hires only developmentally delayed adults, get the money sit on their royal asses, ride the bus to bingo places in our tiny town, drink like fish, gamble on the lottery, get marijuana and live in groups with others who do that, they always are smoking at $8.00 upwards a pack, how can they afford that shit? get ill get free health care, I could go on and on, my husband and I worked our entire lives for the little social security deemed what is rightfully ours, I worked federal for the tiny amount I get, geez I still work like hell for our health care..I am so sick of people who screw the govt. for everything, had a brother in law, never worked one damn day in his life, he lived like a king in california, met a fellow lived with him, he was gay, the other fellow too, he passed and my bil got everything, he passed from aids and we had to pay for his funeral, it is not fair how some citizens screw govt. programs made specifically for people who cannot really work, but my hubby's brother gets little in the way of ssi and works like he is never ever going to stop and he is now 57 this July geez, his older brother was a bum and got all the benefits anyone could ever get and never lifted his finger and lived like he was a king..it just is not fair plain and simple, if the politicians in the republican party would help the people who are jobless and homeless because they lost good jobs, we would solve our jobs problems and homeless problems, but that is not going to happen..the ultra rich don't care about the working man or woman and at all...Love your blog, get a kick out of it with the exception of your taking on cats near docks when you were fishing..really they can't help if they are abandoned there?????????????????????????? Maybe some kind people will round them up and take them to a no kill shelter so they could possibly get adopted and become furever pets???????