Monday, January 30, 2012


I been want'n to touch on this subject for a long time. It can go a bunch of different ways 'cause I probably ain't gonna go in a straight line.

In fact, I'm gonna start way over here in the 'first impression' corner. What do ya see the first time ya look at somebody? This first impression can be deceiving ya know. So deceiving that you may have lost your only chance of a life long friendship.....or relationship.....or companionship.....or partner in crime. Open the cover. Take a close look. Read the person. Learn who he/she is before you make your judgement.

Back a few year ago, I operated under the 'three personality rule'. Some may call it schizophrenic (thank ya spell checker), but that ain't the case. Everything depended on circumstances and surroundings as to who I were gonna be at any given time. The first was just plain ol' "Bill". He was the sane one. This is the guy you could get a serious answer to any question you may ask. He's the guy what kept the bank account straight. Did the grocery shop'n, kept the car run'n with fresh gasoline and regular maintenance. He didn't talk like a scholar nor did he have a college education with high fluttin words. Just an every day easy to get along with feller.

And then there was Barnacle Bill, acquiring his name by the rudeness and crudeness of a seasoned hi seas boat captain/pirate. Billy Bob is the reincarnate of his predecessor Barnacle. In many ways, Barnacle was the ideal personality to get along with in all walks of life. He was the master of conversation at any level....other than "serious". When in doubt, he simply called on 'Bill' to ease the strains of think'n in a serious manner or an intellectual conversation with the upper class look down yer nose snobs. Barnacle Bill was a thinker, do'er, fix 'er upper....all around hands on kind a guy.   

Now we come to "the popster". This is the guy no one messed with unless they was hanker'n for a fight. The popster was the guy that just didn't give a fly'n flip bout nuttin. He spoke his peace....or piece, and when he was finished speak'n, ya knowed you met "the popster". Some considered him as a cranky old bastard. He was ornery, making outrageous observations ending with wav'n arms and babbling words flow'n from his lips. He was the number one in settl'n any disagreements, or any circumstances beyond control, that may arise at any given time.

In time, two of these wonderful personalities have withered away into a deep sleep. Bill just sits over there in a rock'n chair stare'n out the window. The popster is packed away back there in a closet somewheres, not to be seen or heard from in ages. But old Billy Bob is alive and carry'n on the tradition and responsibilities of the three, what was once a great team.

Ok, enough ramb'n and babbl'n bout past history. This is today. Now what the hell I gonna do? Got a couple projects started yesterday. One being that wheelchair battery for the "bubba boat". The damn thing ain't tak'n a charge like it should......what brings me to the question, is the two battery chargers on their last leg or is the battery already dead?  Then I got this dash air in "da house" to work on. Find'n a refrigerant leak ain't an easy task ya know. Takes time and the right equipment. I Got both.

Ok....off to see the wizard.

Holy crap Billy Bob, you been one busy dude. Changed the serpentine belt and that hose thingy I was talk'n bout on "that jeep". Tops off the antifreeze and call "that jeep" a done deal. Then I breaks out my auto air cond. gauge set. Looks at it and says, "how the hell ya gonna get the UV dye into the system". Something is missing. I can pour it into one the hoses and use a new can of refrig to push it in the system. Nope, can't do that neither. Need a different kind of can tapper. Off to the parts house to spend more $$$$....dang. What I did. Ok, put the dye in the little container, hook the hoses to it and tap a can. Sounds simply huh. Took me 15 minutes, half a can of WD-40 and half a roll of paper towels to get that damn dye off the front of "da house". It was everywheres. Pretty florescent yeller dye with a white background. Now I have 2 cans of refrigerant in the system along with the dye. Engine run'n and set to super cold. Anywheres it leaks out is gonna show up under the UV black light....along with special UV goggles.

That's bout it folks. I can call this another good day.


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  2. Bb dreams look like this


  3. The other day I was cruizing facebook and stopped to read some women's complaint thet there just ain't no good single men left. Then she explained how she wont even talk to any men that do meet her appearance standards. When I asked her how in the blazes she expected to get to know what they were like ifn she rejected them immediately just on appearance she got all bent out of shape. She not gonna be caught dead with any fat or bald men or any thet ain't spent at least a hundred dollars on shoes and pants or thet drive any ratty old truck. Advised her thet she was gonna likely be one of them old maids and she come unglued and got all cantankerous. O well ifn the $200 shoe fits, ain't my fault.

  4. Very good topic Billy Bob. In my younger years I was guilty of judging people by first impressions.

    Hate to harp on this as people may think I am obsessed with Terlingua (who would of thought?) but in the desert you never know who is going to camp next to you.

    I have come to meet people who in the default world I would have never met or even considered meeting.

    In an informal setting and with my guard down I have learned to not judge a book by its cover. You will never know how I have been rewarded and enriched by these desert strangers who I now consider my friends.

  5. I have two sets of A/C gauges, had to buy a new set for the newer rigs, that was cheaper than buying adapters for the old set.

    It's good to be able to do your own repairs.

  6. I suppose you already know it but a common leak on an automotive A/C system is the front compressor seal. The die may not show that unless you remove the clutch to get a better look at that area.