Sunday, June 8, 2014

Two freak'n weeks down the drain

Well, every day cain't be a good one. Today is one.

But now yesterday, that was a pretty good one.....but it's gone.....pooof, just like that. Was it the Billy Bob chicken vegetable soup? Last night I had me one them cases of severe "stomach rumbles". Man boy howdy, I was one sick little feller.

I trim my mustache an' beard yesterday. Ha....it needs it some more. Dang it's hell get'n old an' cain't see what you're do'n. The damn thing is crookit.  Whisker hairs stick'n out everwheres.

Then I attack Sadie Mae with the clippers. I ain't pay'n no $45 for a damn haircut. Her pretty, but it's a long ways from a professional job. Dad gum cheap China (Walmart special) hair clippers......Grrrrrrr.

But I cain't blame it all on the clippers. They work just fine. It's Sadie Mae's hair that is the problem. She grows two kinds. The lower "silky" hair an' the upper "wire" hair. Combine them two hair types entering a set of clippers an' you got a problem. It all just lays down an' won't enter the clipper blades.
But anyhows, Sadie Mae is happy. She don't look in a mirror anyhows.

Well, the little "Yo Mama" Mexican dinner what was planned for the day, has turned into a "fiasco" of a hunnert family members meet'n up for free food. I'm sure it will be a great get together, holler'n an' scream'n....that kind of stuff, but damn, I'm not up to that kind of crowd this morn'n.

Today it's been 2 weeks since I rolled into Georgia. Ain't been but one thing accomplished....that radiator fan motor. And a little of MY research on find'n a perfect back fix'n place. That means I am the only one look'n. At this rate, I will be in Georgia for the next 6 months. I ain't gonna do that. I'll fix all that stuff on my "fix it" list all by myself an' hit the road afore I stay that long. Help or no help......!!!  "You ain't in a good mood this morn'n are ya Billy Bob"? Not really, hand me the Pepto an' some aspirins.

NOTICE: I am NOT go'n to Mexico. Git it out your mind Louie. I know of 3 places right here in the US that is perfect for winter. Well maybe not perfect, but if'n I want to, I can wear shorts an' a tee.
Now this reminds me the time Louie......we drove across the border into Juarez.....just to have a good time an' look around. The tourist thing. Some the alleys we drove down skeered the hell out me with all them strange people stand'n behind trees, in the shadows an' behind fences watch'n us with evil eyes. People look'n out winders. Big shiny black SUV's follow'n us up an' down the streets. City buses push'n each other up the street 30 mile a hour.....people scream'n "Git out the way gringo". But....the food was extra special good.

These are for you Louie....enjoy them.



  1. Have you been in Georgia two whole weeks? It doesn't seem that long. I think you should just simmer down a bit and have some patience. You didn't think you'd roll into Georgia one day and get your back fixed two days later, did you? It's important to find the right doctor, the right kind of surgery, and have a positive feeling that it's going to work.

    I like the pictures of Mexico, and would love to visit there. It's never gonna happen though.

    (I wrote a comment, hit Publish, and poof, it was gone. This is a rewrite, and if you somehow got the first one just delete one of them - or both of them if you don't like 'em.)

  2. hi billy bob , i know very well that there is no perfect wintering places in the usa ,if there was you would of told us all where that place in usa is .i have to quote ,no copy & paste you ( I know of 3 places right here in the US that is perfect for winter.) so where are these 3 places in usa that is perfect for spending the winter in ?( do not tell me florida ,because it is way to expensive there and you can not drive you motor home to hawaii ,plus they tell me it super expensive there ). bottom line is please just get your back pain taken care of and maybe you will fell good enouph to reconsider mexico . because i know you were like a kid in a candy store had more fun in mexico then you have ever had in your life that you keep your shoes on in. we would of gone many more times if it wasn't for that *** ******* border patrol agent that skeered the **** out of you and to top it of he told you that you were red tagged for life ,and don't you ever try coming across the border ever again with out having your passport in hand .i am sorry for what that border patrol did to you.

  3. hi BB , thank-you for all the pictures you posted just for me . i was looking at your picture and never seen you more happy looking , you did not look very skeered right in the heart of the city of juarez .
    and i never seen anyone in that picture ready to jump on you to hurt nor rob you ? actually in that picture you looked very comfortable just like you were relaxing at home .

  4. hi BB yes i see what you mean now,i was looking closely at the other picture of that person holding the pussy cat that was looking straight at you looking very dangerous and read to jump on you .lol

  5. One question: what are all those little yellow and white cubicles in the last picture? That steep street looks worse than any hill in these thar hills of Tennessee.

  6. hi billy bob do you remember that steep street ? i have driven down that hill at lest 100 times never up hill ,always down hill because my 4 cylinder motor with front wheel drive would near make it up that hill , that hill is much more steeper than the picture shows i guarantee . oh and hi sissy.

  7. Eat,drink and be merry for tomorrow you will play golf...Vada