Friday, June 6, 2014

Tons of doctor research.....I'm wore slap out

Holy cows, it's time for me to take a break. No I ain't been work'n on stuff. That's for the boys to do.
But....I have been sit'n here at this computer day in an' day out research'n "back surgery" and the doctors that perform the surgerys. Yesterday was no exception with bout 8 full hours of eyeballs glued to the laptop monitor.

Why ain't nobody help'n me do this research???

The back fix'n clinic I mentioned just down the road a piece in Carrollton has a wonderful web site. Their ratings are 5 star facility....accord'n to their web site. They have two doctors that perform back surgery. Both are highly rated...accord'n to their web site. I says..."woohooo, that's the place to go".

Wrong. Further hours of research changed all those figures from 5 stars to a measly 2.5 for both doctors. Four reviews by patients revealed 3 negative and 1 positive reply. What I learnt in school, that's a 25% success rate. I'm think'n that's a long ways from pain free.

Further research of the Atlanta area and surrounding area, I come up with two more possibilities. Through some personal conversations, 1 has been highly recommended. Emery University Spine Hospital. Yet to be researched.

Now, the other one, I did me some research on it. One location is just "up the road a piece" with the main surgery facility located in Atlanta....just "down the road a piece". I spent a good 3 hours or so yesterday read'n procedures an' all that stuff. A slim possibility I may be excluded from a MRI or CT scan from the baling wire in my chest. Depending on the damage to my spine...or what ever, I fount one procedure I would go for in a heartbeat. Through a piece of tubing inserted on my back. Go home the same day. More research is needed.

Recovery time for most surgeries will be up to 6 weeks before I can swak golf'n balls. Ha...that's what they said when I had open heart surgery. Try two weeks an' I was out there on the golf course.

Since I mentioned my back this morn'n, let me tell ya.....I've sit'n on bout a 3.5 pain level for the last 3 days. Not a 24 hour day, but close. Ha....that's back to almost normal. Man boy howdy, what does it feel like to be pain free? 

One of these days, an' I hope it's soon, you ain't gonna hear me talk'n bout pains an' stuff like that. I miss the old Billy Bob we used to know. Oh wait a minute, that old Billy Bob has always whined bout something hurt'n. Like the time he fell slap out of bed an thought he broke his big toe. Damn that hurted something terrible for a dad gum week.

My mind is still messed up from all the "down" stuff in the last couple three months. Road trip troubles have been forgotten. I don't believe in "karma" or nuttin like that, but I have been knowed to "git even" from time to time....depend'n on the severity of treatment I've received. Treat me like shit, I ain't gonna forget.

Ok, I brewed me up a big pot of Billy Bob chicken vegetable soup yesterday. Weren't no room for the noodles the pot was so full. An' I like my noodles. Anyhows, it don't taste like it supposed to taste. Ya see, I decided to try some Asian stir fry vegetables. I've used them before in my beef stew soup with great results, but in the chicken soup....not so good. Where's that damn goat?

Let's take a break an' reflect on things. In my book, that means "do some think'n".....out on "da porch" sip'n up a cup. Dang I miss my "da porch". 



  1. Sounds like you're doing good research. Keep going till you're satisfied.

  2. but but but....I'm wored slap out look'n at the screen all day long.

  3. Send those boys to get some stuff to build a porch..they cold make it take apart construction and you cold be sittin and sippin by Fathers day.make a nice place to rest and hang out.

    1. Well Vadam, "yo mama" has a great big ol' back porch an' a great big ol' front porch. Sure is fine for sip'n up a cup an' think'n. Sides that, I got other plans for them boys to keep busy at.

  4. I just had my back surgery way up North, just north of Detroit, just over 2 weeks ago. Had 3 places where the nerve was being pinched. The pain before surgery was on a scale of 9-20, on a scale of 1-10. Get it? It Damn Hurt! So bad I couldn't even lift my leg to walk, even with the help of a walker. Today, I walk with no aid at all, no pain meds, and the best part, NO PAIN at all! If your up for a northern trip, I sure would advise you to seek out the surgeon I had. Name is Dr. Ricky Olsen. Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital. Look him up. Good luck Billy Bob.

    1. I betcha a dollar Fred that Dr. Ricky Olsen ain't the only doctor that can fix my back. If he was in this area, I would give him a call.
      Thanks bout the information on your surgery. That's a great help to see somebody that don't hurt no more.

  5. Hmm, I like the confidence Fred has for Dr. Olsen. Could be for you, BB, could be. Hmm. Let family help you with a +Positive, thought-out decision if positive is to be found. Sadly, my trust turned to rust long ago and leaves me in between a hard spot and a rock.

    "Recovery time for most surgeries will be up to 6 weeks before I can swak golf'n balls. Ha...that's what they said when I had open heart surgery. Try two weeks an' I was out there on the golf course.

    Yeah, that's what my two brothers and MYSELF did after surgery. Pushed it and paid for it later. Six weeks after any surgery means just that. Told by medicals it takes ONE year to completely heal from any surgery and it is true for me several times over. Now one brother is dead and the other is walking dying because he pushed too early, hindering complete healing. Scary shit - surgery. Wish some miracle would fall onto your lap and save you the same. I'll wish a few onto my lap too. Probably no two back problems are the same. Two I know had disk surgery, through the front of the neck. Hell-Oh! That scares the snot out of me! I easily choke, ya know.

    1. If'n I can get the surgery I mentioned this morn'n, I'm think'n bout 4 or 5 days between rounds at the golf course.
      If'n ya remember, I mentioned a while back, "how far back Billy Bob"?, of the time I had a employee what worked for me. Took Friday off for back surgery, a little cut bout a inch or less an' he was back to work Monday morn'n. Of course I had to carry his tools an' stuff for him for a week.

      When I had the heart surgery, my doctor said it was Ok for me to go to the golf course. He didn't know nuttin bout me swak'n golf'n balls though. That surgery took right at a year to fully heal.

    2. After my gallbladder surgery the doctors told me I could do anything I wanted in 3 wks, including gym workouts. They didn't think a little old lady could do very much harm to herself, evidently.

  6. Definite need for a porch once you get fixed. Steps are killers!

  7. I left a comment shortly after you posted, but it doesn't show up. That has been happening to my comments on other blogs as well. Is somebody tryin' to tell me something?

  8. I know you are looking forward to the day when pain is a thing of the past. Like the old saying goes...think how good it will feel when it stops hurting!

  9. hi BB ,the reason why nobody dare help'n you do this research is because you and you alone know better than anyone else what would be the right doctor you should chose ,and may i say that it looks like you are doing a great job figuring out which one.
    thanks once again letting me know i do exist , having said that ,i never heard you once ever mention that you have all ready sent in your passport application in, so that when your 100% pain free and feeling as good as new , you will need your passport to go deep into mexico to get away from the freezing cold winter's in usa . mapquest told me that it is exactly 1038 miles from sinton tx to acapulco mexico or it's only 768 miles from sinton tx to veracruz mexico or only 967 miles from sinton tx to puerto vallarta mexico .with your passport we all (your faithful blog followers) can be reading from you , your extreme exciting adventurous 100% pure enjoyment living in paradise . can you imagine life with not a single thing to complain about ?

  10. You been doing your research and thats a good thing next step is to get er done.

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