Friday, June 13, 2014

Freak'n couch!!!!

Dang.....after all them comments, there won't be any mention of needles today. Sheesh!!!

I sitted, layed, slouched....all kinds of positions on that couch last night. I am not freak'n happy with the results. It's not back to square one, but it's close. I do sit a tiny bit better, with a bit less pain, but damn, it's almost just like before we "fixed" it. Something ain't right, an' I don't have the answer.
Do I take it apart again???

Speak'n of that couch, I've sat in recliners a while back. I didn't like them neither. But....
Gonna take a day an' go look again.

I'm bout ready to do a little house clean'n. I got stuff lay'n round on the floor I have to step over bout 14 times a day. The house clean'n lady my daughter was gonna hire, I told her to hold off till we get the "fix it" list worked down some. House clean'n lady's job is to "deeeep" clean an' detail. Who knows, the old Billy Bob may just jump in there an' get a start. Warsh the ceiling maybe. But Sissy, don't bet no money on it.

Today would be a perfect day for a round of golf ball swak'n. Gonna be nice an' cool all day, a few clouds in the sky, a tiny little bitty breeze (1.64mph).

Think'n bout golf ball swak'n, I sure do miss play'n with the OFM Barney. He's a much better player than I am an' that makes me "think" before I swak the ball. Where do I place my ball to have an advantage over Barneys 250 yard drive down the middle of the fairway? It's gonna be a while Barney, but when we do meet up again.....look out, Billy Bob is practicing.

Son Robert took off yesterday. He had a little contract job to take care of that didn't need my supervision. He has yet to show up this morn'n. Monday he is going on another out of town job, so I will be all alone fix'n stuff all by myself. There ain't gonna be much accomplished. I ain't crawl'n up under "Sally da house" for nuttin....period.

Ok, I'm done. Nuttin excit'n to talk bout. See ya laters. 


  1. ..."But Sissy, don't bet no money on it."
    You got that right!

    'Deep Cleaning' and 'Detailing' applies to your ceiling ALSO. That's what it's all about, so surely you will leave it and let your cleaning lady do her thing.

    You oughta see my nephew's cleaning and detailing results - home and vehicles. I give him a AAAA+ for his work. Wishin' I could afford him, uh huh I am.

    Now excause me, I gotta get back to readin' your post.

  2. I do hope you get that couch fixed just right soon. Probably some easy fix you just haven't found yet! Well, gotta hope so, right?

    1. I'm with Jim hoping you get that couch fixed. You have probably already thought of this, but have you thought about adding a piece of memory foam on top of the other foam? We did this with the mattresses we made for our travel trailer. We ended up with some very nice mattresses.

    2. I'm thinking that when BB get his back fixed that couch will feel just fine the way it is. He will probably find that the recliner that did not feel very good will be great also. If his back is never fixed I doubt that there is anything that is going to make the couch feel good.

  3. Yep I hit a lot of long drives into the fairway. Too bad they are in that wrong fairway on the other side of those trees. It is amazing how far a ball flies when it is going the wrong way.

  4. hi bb , did you know one picture equals at least a thousand words ? send some pictures BB .
    why do you not use that nice camera of your's and get your moneys worth out of it and send us some pictures pls . thx.

  5. Come on BB, climb up under Sally and check and see if those cat puppies didn't hitch a ride with you. You need to throw that couch out in the yard for the opossums to nap on and get you a nice recliner that you can plant your pointy little butt in.......Or better yet go fishing until Robert fix a it.