Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why do I live like this?????

Well, there was a meeting yesterday at the VA....or something like that. Wayne will be going to a facility in Truth or Consequences (T or C) bout a hunert mile from Deming. They expect him to remain there for up to a year unless he decides he is well enough to come home.

Ok, now I got to do some think'n bout what Billy Bob gonna do. It's one thing to be a friend and another to live your own life. I got liv'n to do and much thought as to how. When I retired and decided to travel, that was my decision for as long as I was able. I'm still able and that's what I need to do. Wayne would understand. As far as watch'n Wayne's place, I'll do that until I am ready to leave Deming. Then just lock up his stuff and let someone else watch over it. That's all I can do. Then when I come back in a few months, maybe he will be home.

Now I got to find that damn cat and get her used to living in a motorhome. The 2 nights that she stayed with Sadie Mae wasn't the best of a relationship, especially the first night. Hiss'n and puff'n up. Second night was ok. But....this damn cat don't like to ride....at all. More on this later.

Why do I live like this? I been ask myself this for the last 10 years. I could go rent me a condo on the beach somewheres and live like a king. But no, old Billy Bob chooses to live in an old broke down motorhome at the cheapest rv park in town. Ain't got no grass in the yard. Weeds grow'n in the cactus garden. Redneck junk lay'n round. An old "that jeep" what is always break'n something. Old used golf balls. Clothes what are 5 or more year old. No shoes but an old wore out pair of sandals. Socks got holes in 'em. Why Billy Bob do I live like this???

Ya know that I don't have to live like this....right??? Even though I'm on a limited income, I don't spend what I make. I already have most everything I ever had a desire to have....unless it would be one them remote control helicopter thingys. I got a little money I never touch in stocks and bonds. A bank account what just keeps grow'n. Don't be tell'n my ex-wife though. I used to say "ya can't take it with ya"....to other people, so what the hell am I doing? Well, one reason I don't buy stuff is that I have no more room to put it. So, with that in mind, I think I'll go off to Walmart and spend me a hunert dollars on something I'll never use. Not today though.

Yesterdays weather was pretty nice out here in the middle of the desert. High was only 102 degs at 4pm, the hottest time of the day. Weather people says we got a cold front headed this way in a few days....high bout 97 come Friday and Saturday.

Ok....that's all folks.


  1. You just keep on doing what makes you happy.

    I work seven days a week to make my bills, and this time I only had 20 cents left over once I paid them. I hear cars and sirens and horns honking 24/7, and I can't afford more than a gallon of gas a week. But I am doing what I want to do, what I need to do...until the time comes I don't have parents to care for and the grandkids are in their teens and don't want to be seen with me.

    You do precisely what you want to do, once you figure out what that is. :)

  2. I ask myself that question a lot. I'm comfortable I guess and there really isn't anything else I'd rather do that does not require an effort I am not willing to expend. There just has not been a desire for something else for a long time and I try to think up something everyday. I'll keep working on it and maybe something will come along.
    Meanwhile it's cocktail time which is a fancy name for "beer thirty".

  3. I've been asking myself this a lot while down here. I could/should sell or give away all my stuff up in the States, even my new(ish) Jeep. Would be a lot cheaper. Especially since I don't see me living back up there for another 2 years or so. What do I want? Beats me.

    Oh, and friends screw up sometimes, and get called on it. And hopefully forgiven. If folks didn't care for and about each other life would be easier, but much less worth living. It's striking that balance between ourselves and friends that gets messy. At least, IMHO.

  4. The past few months I've been asking myself that very question...I'm still waiting for me to answer myself.