Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Computer age

What was it like before computers took over our lives? Seems like a long time ago don't it? My first computer that I could actually operate was an old 286 what I found in a dumpster. Remember when the internet first became active? WOW, look at all the information at your fingertips.

Don't eat the soup!!! Holy crap, what the hell. This stuff sucks. Let's see what went wrong. Cooked the chicken in the solar oven. That should be ok. Only thing I added to the chicken was celery flakes, salt, pepper and dehydrated onions. Cut the chicken up in bite size pieces. No problem there. A quart of water. We have excellent water in Deming. Couple cut up taters. Hmmmm, from Walmart. Package froze veggies. They gotta be good. Couple hand full of noodles. OK, now you tell me what went wrong. This stuff sucks.

Sit'n out on the porch this morn'n. Beautiful morning....83 degs, slight breeze out the east. But you know that ain't gonna last long. Yesterdays high was 111 degs. with the same expected today. Look like another inside day to me.

Will be back later when I have something figger out what I gonna do today.

A while later......
Put on my little black and white French maids uniform and did me up some housework. Wanna see a pic??? Got them big ol' front windsheilds sparlk'n like tiny stars. Washed the dashboard and Armorall'ed it. My God, it looks brand spank'n new. Now I guess I'll start on all the wood cabinets. Should be done in a couple days or so. That is unless I feel a nap com'n on.....yaaawwwn.

Remember I was tell'n ya yesterday morn'n I didn't know where I was at? Well, last night I look out the bedroom winder and said, "now where am I"? Even got out of bed to check see. Damn, I must be los'n it or something like that. Could be "road fever" too.

That damn cat is missing again.

More little piece if information on "pesky neighbor" Wayne. The only coverage he has is through the VA. Since he didn't notify VA within 48 hours of hospitalization, the VA will not pay a penny....nothing. What kind of government BS is that? Because Wayne gets $800 a month SS, he is not eligible for Medicaid.
It looks like Wayne will not be coming home anywhere soon if at all. They are talking about long term rehab and assisted living....or something like that.

Ok....put my little maids cap on and get back to house cleaning.


  1. Sometimes it's not the product, it's the taster. Mine gets off, with the meds i take.

  2. You got that right Trouble. When watermelon tastes something like dill pickles, something ain't right. But I did a Dr. Billy Bob on the pot of soup and now I can actually eat it.

  3. How could Wayne have notified the VA when he was in a coma? Someone ought to write a Congressman, or a letter to the editor of the Washington Post.

  4. Didn't you say you spilled those dry noodles on the floor? Maybe you picked up a little flavor there? ;)