Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wayne is missing

Holy cows, Wayne is missing. Gone....pooof, just like that.

Carol just call me a while ago and Wayne has left the building to parts unknown. The hospital would give no information other than he left AMA (against medical advice). Now this is very strange since Wayne was sleeping, induced comatose by the hospital. How the hell could he just walk out? Had the hospital here removed the sedation for some unknown reason? Makes a person wonder what was happening.

We called the Mountain View hospital in Las Cruces, but he was not admitted there. The only other think'n I can come up with is that he was transferred to the VA hospital in either Las Cruces, NM or El Paso, Texas.  Carol has the phone numbers to both and she will be calling them shortly.

Shortly later.......
Ok, this Deming hospital is full of shit. We found Wayne, with no freak'n help from hospital staff. He is definately in Mountain View Hospital in Las Cruces. Even got a room number, although it is in ICU. He was never un-sedated and remains so in Las Cruces. There has been no change in his condition for better or worse.

The way I figger it, his last doctor in Deming is MY doctor, so he was probably listed as Wayne's primary doctor. If that is the case, he would have transferred Wayne to Mountain View where he would receive excellent care. Fingers crossed!!!!


  1. Just letting you know that I'm pulling for both you and Wayne. Trying to think of something warm and inspiring, but coming up with a dry hole.
    How about a hug?


  2. Good Grief!! Wonder how that happen ? Keep digging, I got a feeling someone ain't telling you everything.

    Who is Carol? Some of his family or nurse at the hospital ?

  3. did his relatives arrive? and take him? omg,,plz keep us updated.

  4. There ya go granny, that's just exactly what I been need'n for a long time. Hugs is like laughter....bestest medication there is. Thanks.

    You right Ben....somebody is lie'n out their teeth.

    Trouble....no relatives have arrived as far as I know.

  5. Well, finally , some sort of explanation.
    How far is Los Crusings?

  6. Let's not count Wayne out. Where there is life there is hope. We will keep him in our thoughts and prayers.

  7. Wow.. so glad they located him and you know his doc now will be taking over!

    Guess them other folks at the other place "gots some 'splainin to do"?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. Now wait a minute Karen, I said I "think" he may have been transferred by my doctor...... and you know what happens when old Billy Bob thinks. He's the only one I can think of that would have had him transferred other than the VA.

    Still no sign of family....

  9. I'm with DD as far as not counting Wayne out, and also with continuing the prayers. I'm also sending you a hug express from way down here in the Southland.

  10. So glad you found Wayne and that he's now being cared for by a Dr. you trust! Tons of hugs and prayers coming your and Wayne's way for a complete and speedy recovery! That hospital i Deming sounds awful... like they just couldn't get him out of there fast enough... we sure hope the new one's much better and able to work a few miracles.

    Hugs from Sherry, Ted, T-Bear, KayDee and Bianca to you and Sadie May

  11. Thanks for keeping us upadted Billy Bob. It must seemed like you spend the whole day making phone calls and warring,but you know more bout Wayne than you did yesterday. Rest well tonight and we'll all check back in tomorrow.