Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A day at the MVD

I don't know how old Ben does it, get'n up before the chickens is got an eye open and then sits down writ'n on his blog.....before he got coffee. Well, that what I doing this morning....with sunshine staring me right in the face. Something bout this just don't seem right.

Got birds all over outside in the yard, on "da porch" and even on the hummer feeders do'n their thing...eat'n. Ya see, we got these yeller birds, three different brands, what get on the feeders and stick their beaks in them little holes.

 Boy howdy, let me tell ya bout a my trip to the MVD.....that be New Mexico department of motor vehicles. DMV in most other states. Oh, did ya know that in New Mexico, illegals have to make an appointment to get their driver licenses?? Yes, New Mexico gives illegals a driver license....and they don't have to speak no English neither. Anyhows, I took what papers I had for the "bubba boat" to get it registered in New Mexico....you know, the numbers thingys what go on the sides of the boat. I grabs a number for my turn at one the windows, I'm # 21 but the thingy says #79 is up. I gonna be here a while. After 2 hours of just sit'n there do'n nuttin, I'm up. The nice lady says "I ain't never done a boat before". Oh boy, here we go. She experienced now....after another hour. But old Billy Bob has numbers for the "bubba boat".

And besides that, it were windy yesterday. But nuttin like it gonna be today and tomorrow. And everybody knows old Billy Bob plays golf ball swak'n tomorrow. Forecast says 30 to 35 both days.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time I bought me a pig puppy??? I were gonna raise that pig puppy up to be pork chops and ham bone. While we was rais'n that pig puppy, the kids took a liking to him/her.....what ever it was. Named it Hector or something like that. Let it loose in the yard to play. Took it in the house....all kind of stuff ya don't do with a pig. Three months and a fist full of cash, somebody done stole my pig. Have ya ever tried to raise a pig inside City limits???


  1. So? you gonna put sticky number on DAS BOOT or paint em on? If you use paint, make sure it don't dissolve the plastic hull on the boat. It might get interesting real quick!!

  2. Did you ever try to live inside a city? I spent one year of my life in a town. Don't like cities!!

  3. Ben, ya gonna have to wait till tomorrow for details on the numbering system. After golf of course.

    Dizzy, I been live in quite a few cities.....but didn't like it.

    LOL Anony....that's about the way it is.