Friday, May 13, 2011

Warped board

Well boy howdy, blogger is work'n again. Everything I had writ yesterday is gone.....poooof, just like that. And I had a very important question to ask my followers. But naturally, I have no idea today what it was.

Anyhows, yesterdays golf game was a smash hit. Not that every ball I swaked was a smash hit, but had a decent score. Yeah I beat "pesky neighbors" arse....as always. Sadie Mae found an old dead rabbit foot what she was chew'n on.....think'n I wouldn't see her. What the hell is wrong with this dog???

Did I mention Sadie Mae is on a strict diet? Ya see, my loving neighbors are in the habit of giving her treats all day long. You know, slices of balony, chunks of pizza crust, pork chops, cat food and anything else they would normally toss in the trash. On top of that, Sadie always gets a side dish from her daddy....old Billy Bob. I laid down the law.....no people food at all. Just to note of the kind of neighbors I have....one said to the other, "what if I give her balony and not tell Bill".

Last night old pesky come close to a fatal mistake. Ya see, I was sit'n there read'n one my books when Wayne sneaks up outside my winder and shoots off a .38....what scared hell out me. My .357 was within reach, but by the time I touched it, I realized what was go'n on. Tricks like that can be very dangerous. Especially to the trickster.

Oh yeah....about the warped board. You remember the motor mount I fabricated out of an old weathered 1x4....right? Well I was gonna paint it, but to paint it would have looked no better than the old weathered 1x4. So....Wayne bring me over a nice pretty warped 1x4 from under his porch. The warp will never be seen from your house so I gonna use it instead. With 2 coats of polyurathan....or something like that, it look like factory made. Oh....speak'n of names....I need a name for the "little blow up bass fish'n boat". Any ideas???

I think I mentioned yesterday that I may not go to Lake Meredith....but of course I don't think it got posted. The reason I may not go to that particular lake is that it is 95 feets low on water....only bout a hurert gallon left. I would rekon that all boat ramps would be 1/4 mile from the water. Besides that, it's bout 600 mile out my way where I were gonna end up in Port Aransas, Texas. May stop off and take Uncle Ben for a camping trip on one the lakes around Dallas. Only a couple days ya know.

Speak'n of a Texas trip, this will be the first time ever that I went through Texas backards. Gonna be like a brand spank'n new Texas.