Monday, May 16, 2011

Boy howdy is Billy Bob got lot's of stuff to do or what.

Started off this morning get'n up way too late....smack dab on 9am. If I had slept all night, I would have got up at 6:30, but it was another hard night. Read the news for an hour....same ol' same 'ol stuff to ruin my day. Sit'n on
da porch" talk'n with "pesky"....Wayne that is....I got to think'n, "ya only got a month to get something done".

Took me up a load of old scroungy clothes to the wash'n place so I would have some clean "scrufties" to wear the rest of the month. Then I come back to "da house" and call my insurance guy to change to 'full time' rv insurance in New Mexico. Of course I have to fill out some kind a form and fax it back to them before they can do the change. Sure do wish my printer would work.

Speak'n of computers, old Billy Bob don't need no stink'n brand spank'n new computer. That Billy Bob operating system is work'n just fine.....now. Maybe get me one more year out this thing. And....Verizon is scream'n this morning. Talked to the Verizon feller here and he say they are installing 4G in Deming. That must be why it was so slow yesterday. I had thought about changing to 4G, but he tells me I would have to BUY a new device. ME buy a new device when this one is work'n fine??? Nope, not yet.

Took the "blow up bass fish'n boat" motor mount apart so I can paint the name on the back of it. Yup...."BUBBA".

Since I put Sadie Mae on a strict diet, I swear, she has lost some weight. But she's very hungry all the time, just lays around with sad eyes watch'n me eat T-bone steaks and stuff. Poor baby!!!


  1. At least you are staying with the BB theme as in BUBBA BOAT.

  2. I have a much better day when I don't read the news. And the world just goes on without me knowing what the politicians and oil companies are doing to screw it up!

  3. BB you needs to take a trial run with that blow up boat. take it out to some shallow little cow tank or over to a big pool and test that thing out. No need hauling it half way to Georgia to find out it's going to drown you, or it will only hold one big mouth. What if you catch a big ol flat head cat and he pokes a hole in it.