Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I been sick...no posts

"Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob"? Well shoot, I'm gonna try to write a blog post.

I been sick like a sum-a-gun an' that dad gum right hip, it ain't no better. I git up in the morn'n an' I'm all bened over. This shit sucks.

I been try'n to lay off the aspirins 'cause they thin my blood too much. Got me bruise marks all over my arms. As a replacement, I been tak'n Tylemol 3's an' double up on Advil. Still ain't as good as the aspirin (2- 500mg Back an' Body). Damn, I hope this upcom'n lumbar block will help.

The Mississippi river boat is com'n along just fine. Frame members (ribs) have been added to the bottom an' planking has been started. Wanna see????
Preparations are being made.....it's gonna work.....maybe.
Ha, it's work'n pretty darn good.......yup.
I think I can deal with this....looks good from my house.

Now if'n I could only figger out how to remove super glue from fingers. Boy howdy I glue so many fingers together I ain't got nuttin to work with no more. Think'n I done removed bout 2 layers of skin get'n that stuff off my fingers with a razor knife an' coarse sandpaper. Ha, up to this point....no blood droplets.

The propane tank repair has been checked off the "Georgia fix it" list. If'n ya don't recall, two weld joints had broke loose an' the propane tank was dangle'n on the two remaining weld joints. Two 3/16  x 2 x 3 angle iron was drilled an' installed to replace the broken weld joints. No, it ain't a "redneck" repair. This is a professional repair by the supervision of none other than the old Billy Bob. "No Robert, drill the hole right here".

I bought me up some flea stuff for the "damn cat" an' Sadie Mae. Two days later, the cat is still got fleas. Think'n Sadie Mae has still got some too. "Yo mama" gifted me with a special flea comb....two rows of teeth the fleas get trapped in between. Then I stick the comb into a solution of Dawn an' regular tap water....kill them fleas immediately. Combed some of the Dawn solution on to the cat an' he do'n much better today. Think'n with the 8 dogs at "yo mama's" house, we have a flea problem. Yo Mama has 3, Robert has 4 an' the old Billy Bob has got 1.

Possible name for the "damn cat" could be Butterbean...or El Gato....or Bubba...or Gingersnap....hell, I don't know. I'm bout to give up on a name. But he sure do answer to "Kiddy Kiddy"...southern for the Yankee name of "Kitty Kitty". Comes a run'n ever time I call him that. He's also expanded his travels to the wide open spaces. Was up on Yo Mama's back deck yesterday 2 times an' checked out most the front yard long bout midnight. He attack 2 of the smaller dogs last night when he was all winded up....just play'n. My God, he do that attack stuff to a big dog, they gonna chomp him slap in half. This is one wild ass cat.....go a hunnert mile a hour.

No other important news at this time....unless dy'n of heat stroke is considered important news. 97 degs today if'n ya consider that hot. An' it ain't even July yet. But....we got us some cooler weather headed this way. Mid 80's daytime an' mid 60's night time. What ya think bout that? Ha, Arctic cold front.  



  1. hi BB. well let me tell you that it is so nice to know that your still alive . anyway i need you to give wonderful son robert my phone number just in case . anyway since that wild cat comes to you right away when you say kiddy kiddy why not just name him that ?

  2. Nail polish remover will take super glue off your fingers. I buy pads that I use to wipe my fingers because I make less of a mess with them than trying to apply from a bottle of nail polish remover with cotton balls. Ever get glued to a bottle?

  3. Glad you and that damn cat are getting along. Make sure you don't super glue it to your hand.

  4. Good to hear from you again. Yeah, with that many 4 legged critters running around outside, you're bound to have some fleas. Vet says my husband brings them in from the squirrels on the golf course and gives 'em to the cat, who never goes outside.
    We're all pulling for you and the next procedure. Fingers crossed ...

  5. That boat looking good at least you keeping yourself busy.

  6. I can just imagine Billy Bob in the health and beauty section of Walmart, buying fingernail polish remover and those little makeup pads?

    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  7. call him "snap". leave off the ginger.