Thursday, June 18, 2015

Been boring boring boring.....damn!!!

Ok.....after bout 3 days of back break'n work, "Sally da house" again has a working bedroom  slide out. Well, it's always worked, but not near as good as it does now that repairs have been made. In my book, engineers should pay more attention to designing a great piece of equipment instead of designing a POS piece of equipment. I mean like...how hard is it to build a slide out that slides in an' out? You git what you pay for.

Me an' that "damn cat" is get'n along pretty good. Sadie Mae ain't. She won't even have nuttin to do with all the other dogs run'n round here. I think she has accepted that she has to share "daddy", but she ain't like'n it. She gets extra lap time. Pet'n an' talk'n ya know.
"How would you like yer steak daddy"? 

Bout the name for the cat. We down to bout 15 possible names. I have a couple favs....Gato, Hooter, Huck, Butterbean (bean for short), Cheeto, Simba....just to name a few. No decision made yet. But, the damn thing answers to "kiddy kiddy". Just in case ya didn't know, "kitty" is a yankee name. In the south, it's spelled and pronounced "kiddy". Go head an' say it, see if'n I ain't right. Next!!!

The cat is definitely a boy cat. He has gnads. He even acts like a boy cat. Get's into everthing an' takes stuff apart just to see how it works. Like a roll of butt wipe all over the floor an' important papers on my desktop. His fav sleep place is on a pile of $1 bills neatly stacked in a letter thingy on the desktop.....no pic.

I've given this last test injection plenty time to work. It don't. My hip still hurts just like before the injection. To me, it feels like the sciatic nerve. But that's where the injection was made. Now what?
I'll have the lumbar nerve block done after my next follow up an' tell the doc to find the cause of the hip pain. More news on that as time passes by.

Holy crap, it's been freak'n hot in the afternoons. Mid 90's with high 90's forecast in the very near future. Looks like it gonna be a "HOT" summer. The heat is mak'n my mater plants lay down in the afternoons. One is grow'n like a sum-a-gun (big boy), while the other (better boy) is just hang'n in there. Think'n there ain't gonna be no maters on that one. Six more weeks an' I should be eat'n "big boy" mater samiches. Yum Yum boy howdy.

Here we go again....no updates.....Grrrrrrrr...

Third try.....work you POC...."C" = Crap


  1. Making progress - that's good.
    ..." mater plants"... Water the dickens out of them. Mine sag like DEAD every afternoon. I have no hope of tomatoes this year and that makes me so sad!

    George here.

  2. RV builders could build them properly, but I've never heard of an RV or motorhome that didn't have some stupid mistake that caused the owners trouble.

    Give Sadie Mae a big pat on the head and a tummy scratch for me. I feel sorry for her having to put up with the new cat.

  3. We have been eating tomatoes and squash out of our garden this year. Guess we got it in early and have had good weather.

  4. Here is a link to a blog post I made about the garden back in May:

  5. My 2 tomatoes each have 1 tomato on them. There are no new blossoms. Its hot here too 106 yesterday.

  6. What a cute "kiddy cat".....jajajajajajajaja...died laughing when you said "kitty" was a Yankee word, lol, you are nuts Billy Bob :D

    Trying to get caught up with my blog reading, not yet up to how this new cat came into you and Sadie Mae's life.

  7. Love fresh tomatoes right out if the garden.

  8. Love those maters tooooo...Please get the cat fixed or there will be other kitty cats like him populating the state of Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that sweet cat sure looks cute, oh, my doodness sakes, lots of dogs get jealous of other animals, probably your doggie just wants more and more time and lovin, give it to him, or her I can't remember if it is a he or a she..That sweet kitty is adorable, just get him fixed soon or he will be spraying himself all over your nice abode, your home..that won't be too wonderful will it.ciao happy father's day billy bob...

  9. Billy Bob, take your cat fishing.

  10. hi BB. WOW ! it is so nice to see that you are still alive . i was worried to death about you because you have not blogged for a long time . i now will like to know that in the even that your day of reckoning comes , how will i know ? who will let us know where to send flowers ? maybe wonderful son robert can take over your blog ? or you can give robert my phone number and instructions to phone me ? ok BB. thanks. oh p.s. the name gato you mentioned for your damm cat ,i am sure you already know that is the spanish word = CAT in english .