Saturday, June 27, 2015

Same Ol' Same Ol' at Billy Bob's house

As each day passes, the old Billy Bob comes up with new aches an' pains. Part of get'n old I rekon.

Those dad gum mater plants are giv'n me a hard time. The afternoon hot sun bear'n down on them an' the hot temps had done some damage. Bottom leaves turned a yuky yeller color an' began to shrivel up. We moved the mater plants. They now receive a "cool" morn'n sunshine up to bout 3pm an' then they are shaded for the next 3 hours by the awning. The last 2 hours of daylight, they receive additional sunshine before the sun goes down. Miracle Gro has been added to the daily watering. They began to perk up.

Do ya see what I see????

Since my last post on the repairs to the Mississippi river boat, I ain't done a thing. Will update ya on progress when I decide to do some progress.

The flea situation got so bad we had to give Sadie Mae an' that "damn cat" another Dawn bath. "Sally da house" was bombed. Black flag was sprayed on stuff. These fleas has got to go. The Sentry flea kill'n stuff don't seem to be work'n too well. Reviews were 50/50. It contains the exact same ingredients as Frontline Plus in case you're wondering. Possibility I may switch to Advantage II.

Cat is do'n good. Sadie Mae rolls her eyes an' says...."Oh God, there's that cat". 

I builded a pot of beef vegetable noodle soup in the pressure cooker. First mistake, I left the meat too long under pressure (1 hour). Next time it will be 30 minutes. Then I placed 3 week old carrots in it. Then I was short on beef stock. Then I added CAN vegetables. Then I added 3 packages of McCormick beef stew seasoning. In the world of cook'n, this should be a perfect pot of soup. Well, let me tell ya right now....it ain't.

I'm still hav'n me stomach problems. Ever thing I eat I git me a case of acid reflux. Thank God for Alka Seltzer. I've lost some pounds in the last couple weeks. From past experience, it will take a year to gain it back.

Good news, temps have began to fall. For the next week we gonna have us some spring weather. Mid 80's an' lower 60's at night. I'm think'n I can handle that. 

Try'n to update......with Chrome


  1. Please go to Target or a pharmacy and buy some acid reducer called ompreazole, it is not expensive and it works like a charm..Get some advantage for your dog and cat and you won't see any of those fleas..You should take the ompreazole an hour before any food in the tummy and you will be good to go..Next time cooking brown your meat and only put in the pressure cooker for a short time, get some beef broth low sodium and some fresh carrots, celery and onions it will taste good pressure cooking to long disintegrates the food if kept toooo long..Wished I could cook you up a great pot of stew and a cherry pie or berry pie, but it is to be 100 plus today in the pacific northwest hottest year since 100 years ago, drought big time, I get up very early and run the dishwasher the laundry and get our food done into the fridge the house is 1978 built no a/c whatsoever, so we go to the movies for little money and the cats go to my neighbors home in crates to enjoy the air conditioning and I take care of the tiny poodle, the movies are less than $5.00 for us both, we enjoy them and I take some candy in my purse frozen to enjoy..One has to do what one can afford when retired!

  2. Omeprazole (INN) /oʊˈmɛprəzoʊl/ (also distributed under the brand name Prilosec

  3. I cured my acid reflux, indigestion, and heartburn by taking a probiotic every morning. It took about 3 weeks to realize I wasn't having any of those very often, and it must be the probiotic. I still get some indigestion once in a while when I eat something I KNOW will give it to me. It's worth a try and I don't think it makes too much difference what brand you use (but I wouldn't buy the cheapest stuff). If you think you can't see a difference just keep taking it and one day you will wake up and realize you don't have any of those symptoms any more. I took Prilosec for a long time and can't say it really helped in the long run. All I know is when I threw out ALL that over the counter stuff, from Benadryl to Prilosec, and the rest, plus quit taking prescriptions, a lot of symptoms disappeared, and I'm talking about things like heart palpitations and dizziness. Suit yourself, but I don't trust doctors or most medicines any more, and my health has improved 500%!

  4. If you don't want to go the route of PPI's (omeprazole) you could always get some zantac. That you could take with each meal(before). If things don't improve you really need to see a doctor-- i'm thinking of an ulcer.

  5. hi B.B. it is sure nice to see you are still kicking . what are you doing to all your faithful followers ? we are all looking forward to here from you every day you know ? you got us all addicted to a blog from you every day . and now only god knows when ever we will here from you again .

  6. You could go to the store and buy some Prilosec. Wonder drug. Take one each morning and stop acid attacks before they begin. I couldn't live without it. My doctor prescribed mine but it is the same as the over the counter stuff. My husband has to take one each morning and evening, though, to keep his attacks down and still eats Tums occasionally. I think if he'd give up his morning cereal with milk he'd do better but...

  7. I see some tiny maters soon be garden fresh.

  8. Yep, tiny maters on the vine, with blooms right behind (and a ginger cat, too).
    The omeprazole is what I told you about months ago, BillyBob, except I take Lansoprazole. Same as Prevacid, just over the counter instead. The house brand anywhere is less than 1/3 the price of Prevacid, and works great for me. Been taking it for about 3 years, with dr's blessings, and even cures some irritated esophageal problems. But, to each his own - I just know I'm much better off with it!
    Looking forward to more tomato and boat tales, and fewer flea problems - Good luck with all ~

  9. "Do ya see what I see????"

    Yours look the size of marbles or better. Hmm, I have three the size of green peas. Most of the blooms dry up and fall off. Never had this situation with any tomato but these Cherokee Black tomatoes - real disappointing for I had several dozen blooms to begin with.

    Gypsy has good advice. Heartburn is troublesome when one has it often. I just use a bit of baking soda, which works instantly. You may want to test/try it some day.

    Ha Ha, I reckon I agree with Louie. YES, we readers are addicted to Billy Bob's Travels. You're bad as alcohol!!! But I don't use that.

    Sure wish you'd get to feeling tops read soon. Ha, I wish it for me too.