Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Injection day...relief....maybe

Howdy, how ya been...ain't see ya in a while.

What I write this morn'n ain't interest'n neither, but just so's I'll remember the day of my second "test" injection of stuff in my back, here I are.

I been in pain before, much worse than the last few days, let me tell ya right now.....I thought I was gonna die. Just to get up out of a chair to go pee was bout the hardest project I worked on since the other day. All personal projects have been put on hold.

"Houston, we have a problem". Ya see, this damn cat an' my Sadie Mae ain't get'n long too good. Sadie Mae don't want nuttin to do with this cat. An' let me tell ya, the cat is try'n much harder than Sadie Mae is. Sadie Mae lays in her favorite spot, where ever my feet are, an' the cat has just got to mess with her. Wake her ass up....stuff like that. Sadie Mae looks at me with her sad eyes an' says...."do we have to have a freak'n cat"? Other than that, bout all I can say is....."this damn cat is wild".

The cat fount the Onan generator up under "da house". A safety thing, the dogs cain't get him/her/it under there. Not that they are try'n to "git it", they just want to play with a "damn cat". Then he/she/it decides to check out a open compartment (under "da house"). Checked out the 3 slid'n drawers full of heavy construction equipment, climb to the other side an' check out the "bubba boat" an' a pile of boating/fish'n gear.....stay in there for 2 hours. I cain't find my "damn cat".

Anyhows, even though me an' the cat are get'n long just fine, it's Sadie Mae what I'm worried bout. But it's still early in the game, she may come around. I've had Sadie Mae for 10 plus years, so it's her that matters most.

Fleas....have ya ever had fleas? How the hell do ya get rid of 'em? I did the Dawn dishwarsh'n soap. That kill bout a thousand fleas. I did the Frontline spray stuff. That kill bout a thousand fleas. "Yo Mama" give me a special desingned flea comb. That get rid of another thousand fleas. The cat still has fleas an' it's too early to give it the real flea stuff. Think'n it may be time for another "Dawn" bath.

Ok, here in a bit....5 hours, I got to head off to town for that injection. As much as I hate needles, I'm all excitis. The nice nurse lady tole me....no eats or drinks before show'n up. I tole her..."I will drink my morn'n coffee". So's I got up way early this morn'n.....man boy howdy, "this is a great pot of coffee". I'll not be tell'n her I had coffee this morn'n. If'n she asks, I'll flat out lie. I want somebody explain to me how a couple cups of coffee can affect some non English speak'n doctor to inject some stuff in my back with a 20 penny nail. A 10 minute procedure. Ha....I may find out here in a bit.

The bedroom slide out has a problem. A major problem.....rotted floor. Me an' Robert tackle that project yesterday. Spend a few hours work'n on it. It ain't fixed. Temporary repairs have been made. I was in tears. In a RV repair shop, it would cost bout $5000 to replace the rotted floor. The temporary repair costed $17 for a piece of 1/4 inches 2' by 4' masonite for the rollers to roll on.

Ok, that's bout all I got this morn'n. Will let ya know how my injection works out....I know one person that will want to know. 


  1. I wants to know, hope it all goes well for you.
    Good luck !

  2. Hey Billy Bob,
    "I cain't find my "damn cat"..... You gave me a huge laugh this morning, thanks.

    Good luck with the injections today.

    Max from Illinois.

  3. Only one person wants to know how you are? Well, I must be that person! Old Man here gets injections every 2-3 months for over a year. Has never been told that he should skip his morning pot of coffee before he goes! Do hope they hit exactly the right spots today!!

  4. This is the year of the FLEA! Everybody is having trouble getting rid of em. So GL, and if you figure it out, let me know.

    1. Soresto made by Bayer Co. I bought out of England via Vermont is the best flea collar ever encountered. Two yrs. ago a flea infestation was a black nightmare. They were all gone in one month - totally. 'Knock on wood'. Expensive but work for 8 months and longer. $29 & $32. PetsMart sell them for $60. Hmmph!

  5. Nah RunnNrose I am the one person who wants to know how the injection turns out. I can't remember BB do you have fabric furniture in your place? If so, fleas like to hide out there and will reinfect that DC.

  6. "Sadie Mae don't want nuttin to do with this cat."

    Just give it some time, Billy Bob; I actually think I've NEVER had two animals that didn't eventually become the best of pals. In time Sadie Mae may like Kitty as well as Kitty likes Sadie Mae. A couple of weeks ought to do it.

    On the other side of life, OMW, I'll never again take on raising a baby ANYTHING. This toy poodle has about done me in this spring. He and the other four are the best of buddies. I bet Sadie needs a animal companion.

    Pardon me now. I must get back to my favorite blog, continue reading.

  7. BB - We ALL want to know about that injection, so I guess we are the collective one who wants to know .
    You did not say you were having fleas in your house or carpets, but here's my solution for ya before that happens. Use some 20 mule team Borax in your furniture and carpets - just sprinkle it lightly on, kinda scrub it in with the broom (have son Robert do this), and leave it for a few days, then vacuum. It dries out the exoskeleton of the fleas, and they die. Won't hurt Sadie Mae of that cat, and smells purty good, too.
    Waiting for an update ...

  8. On the drinking or eating; when you swallow a mouth full of food or liquid the stomach goes to secreting a boat load of fluids. If you decide to lose your cookies there is a mess to clean up and/or you can aspirate the junk into you lungs creating bigger problems.

    Lots of baths with the Dawn does wonders for the fleas. Like every other day. As for The Cat aggravating Sadie get a squirt gun. After a while you just reaching over to get the gun will be enough for The Cat to knock it off.

    I said a prayer that you get some relief from the pain.

  9. "I know one person that will want to know".

    We all will want to know. Doncha no? My positive thoughts are with you.

  10. Count me with the "want to knows".

    Cat has a major flea problem, and Sadie Mae doesn't like the cat and is majorly unhappy about it. That's a no-brainer to me. Sadie Mae is too old to make her life miserable - hell, she and I are probably the same age in dog years, and I can say for sure I don't want no cat!

  11. hi BB. the one and only person that wants to know how your 20 penny needle injections went is me .
    as to your doctors order not to eat nor drink , you must be like a hardened drug addict when you can not go one morning with out caffeine. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant of the methylxanthine class of psychoactive drugs. It is the world's most widely consumed psychoactive drug. according to your best friend google .i hope your pain free today BB.