Thursday, June 11, 2015

Injection don't work.....damn!!!!

I rekon I need to telll ya all bout that injection I got yesterday. Ya want a long drawed out explaination, or do ya want a short an' to the point one? I'll think bout that for a minute.

Two very important items on my "Georgia fix it/ repair it" list is the two slide outs.
1. The front slide out has a piece of aluminum trim what was tore all to smithereens an' is got to be replaced. The wiper gasket is also got to be replaced. Six feet of the alum trim has been removed....an' throwed in the dumpster. Home Depot sells 1" alum. angle for replacement. The wiper gasket has been located on E-Bay.

2. The bedroom slide out has a much bigger problem. The bottom floor of the slide out has a rotted area....what I'll talk bout in a minute....or it is a very poorly designed floor. The floor warps up at the two rollers when the slide out is in the out position. There is no signs anywheres that water has got into the slide out. With out water, there is no rot. This gives me the impression that the slide out floor is NOT a solid wood floor, but a aluminum frame constructed floor covered with plywood. Has it always been like this.....maybe. I've always had problems with the bottom gasket at the two ends.....tore slap up.
Anyhows, the old Billy Bob has come up with a cure. Ain't even gonna tell ya what it is until I tear some stuff apart.....the bed....all the ways down to the bed floor.

Me an' Robert arrive at the doctor office right on time. People are sit'n in the wait'n room. The nice cute little girl tell me "it's gonna be bout 3 hours". Ha ha, then she tell me she was just mess'n with me. In 5 minutes, my name is called. The nice girl sticks a freak'n needle in my arm (hand). Another girl says "come with me". I'm injected with a "go to sleep" solution an' I'm wide awake when the doc jabs me in the back. *they use X-ray to position the needle in the correct place* Doc says, "you can go home now". A total of less than maybe 15-20 minutes.

In the truck, my hip hurts. Eat'n a lunch at I-Hop, my hip hurts. It continues to hurt for the next 7 or 11 hours. My hopes of a "pain free" hip are down the drain. Now what I gonna do?

Me an' Robert sit at a campfire up till 12:30am. Just talk'n an' stuff. Maybe by morn'n, my hip will be pain free. I take me up a couple aspirins.
Fast forward to 7:30am....I got me two blamed backards leg cramps. Coffee brewed, bathroom chores completed, I sit down to sip up a cup. My freak'n hip is begin'n to hurt. It gets worser as the hours pass by.
This is where I stand this morn'n. Where is the pain com'n from that the injection didn't fix it?

Speak'n of the cat....he done decided "Sally da house" is his/her/it's lifetime home. Knows ever nik an' cranny. Sadie Mae is still in the "git the hell away from me" mode. But, she is better than a couple days ago. Time will tell. Oh, cat will receive another Dawn bath today. Them fleas has go to go.    


  1. A total of 15-20 minutes and how much money did he collect per person? I have never been lucky enough to get in and out of a doctor's office that fast.

  2. My first knee injection was in the wrong place so didn't give me any relief. The next ones (different doctor) were wonder drugs. First doctor shot where the pain was; second doctor shot where she said the injection needed to go. I hope yours get as much better as mine did.

  3. BB, as I mentioned to you not too long ago, I have back/leg pain very similar to yours. On May 21 of this year, I had an epidural injection at the L5-S1 site of my back. Afterwards, my back felt pretty good for about 3 days although the pain was not completely gone. Then the pain started to come back, although not as bad as before. The doctor said that sometimes people benefit from consecutive injections. So, today I had another injection. This time, it was at L4-L5. It's way too early right now to tell if my pain will be less this time. So, I'll just have to wait a few days to find out. That's what you need to do. Do not assume that your shot yesterday did nothing to help your situation. It will probably take a few days to find out for sure. Then, your pain may come back or it may gradually get better. Good luck, and don't get disappointed about your pain quite yet. Give it awhile.

  4. hi BB. WOW ! you must be VIP over at your doctor's office .

  5. That a quick visit, lets hope that pain start going away soon.

  6. Fast visit, long lasting pain relief - that's what I'm hoping for. Today you're gonna wake up a whole new guy - pain free and ready to take on the world and that cat! I got upstairs connections, so I'm putting you on the list for relief - but you gotta have some faith, too ...

  7. Missing you, Billy Bob. Hope you are just too busy to bother with a blog.