Sunday, November 1, 2009

Is this Sunday already???

Holy Crap. Today is Sunday and I ain't even ready. Old pesky neighbor Wayne come over and says, "are ya ready"??? Ready??? Ready for what....this is a golf day ya know. Beautiful golf day.
Ok, where the hell did Lug Nut put my other shoe???

Be back laters.....

LOLOLOLOL.....hahahahaha....ain't never gonna play golf again. There ain't nobody, repeat, nobody, hit a ball over there where there ain't nuttin but trees, rocks, sand, and high weeds. Worst game I ever played since the time I hit my first golf ball through the kitchen window. What is it that old Uncle Ben says....GRRRRRR!!!

You ain't gonna believe how great a day it turned out to be. Won't be stuck in "da house" today, that for sure. Gonna finish chop'n them weeks in the yard and burn them. Pooof, no more weeds.
But first I gots to eat me up some chili spaghetti.

Yum Yum eat'um up. That was some good eat'n.
Ok, back to work. Done got all them weeds loose from where they was liv'n and put them in a big ol' pile right smack in the middle of the yard. Bout a pint of super hi test gasoline and I have me a bon fire. Flames shoot'n 20 feet in the air, smoke like ya ain't never seen and old Billy Bob back'n off for safer ground. Backward shuffle or something like that. That Billy Bob know some stuff bout mak'n a fire.

Went dumpster div'n and fount me a nice little discarded piece of what looked like something I could surely use at "da house". Took it back to "da porch" and now I got me a brand spank'n new table side my easy chair. Some people just fail to look at all the possibilities when the toss stuff in the trash.

I have nothing more to say at this time. Done a days work, played a round of golf and now it's time to lay back and relax with a fresh cup'o on "da porch".


  1. Good day you had sir, But I noticed you didn't post your golf score, or what ever it's called.:-)

    Well done on the find of the drink table for beside your chair.

  2. It was a good weekend for me too , its about time.