Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I call'em on da phone

That big ol' cover fall off on the floor last night and I didn't even care. Now that what I talk'n bout. If'n I was to tell ya the temp this morn'n, ya would be turn'n shades of green with envy. It were 61 degs...lololol....61 degs.....hahahaha. Are ya green yet???

Have ya ever been so angry/mad/pissed that ya want to squeeze a grape or bite a bolt in two? That what I been all morn'n try'n to get online with this damn satellite. I call up on da phone one them "silly language" talk'n technical support people over there in India and he was tell'n me all kind of stuff and I were...."ah, yeah....uh huh...ok....what ever...etc, etc, etc". I can't understand a f'n work he were say'n. Anyhows, they gonna call me in 2 or 3 days ....LOLOLOLOL....hahahahaha....right! So's here goes old Billy Bob tak'n stuff apart again, swak'n stuff with a wrench, push'n buttons and chang'n configgeration files. Hmmmmm, what this....force range???? Why not, nuttin else works. Walla, up pops the internet, just like that. Now I ain't gonna turn it off for nuttin. Probably run my batteries down so far I have to flic a bic to see if a light bulb is on.

Put the solar oven out this morning just to see it it still works. Well shoot, now what wrong? Two hours and only 250 degs. Then I got really sick, so I took a nap. Woke up and it were still 250 degs. Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob???

Boy howdy is Lug Nut in hog heaven. He been off all day play'n with all the other dogs, pee'n on every tire in camp, visit'n the neighbors dig'n holes and hav'n a blast. All the while, little Sadie Mae just sits lays under my chair think'n I'm gonna leave her here with all these strange people.

Two of the local "limpies" got in a hissy fit the other day over how to prepare garlic. One smashed it while the other chopped it. I would'a pay admission to see that hissy fit. I miss all the fun activities.

Hot??? You can bet your bippy it's hot. My t-meter says it's 97 degs, but it's in the sunshine. Weather thingy says it 78 degs. All I knose is, it's hot.

That OGT feller is supposed to be on his way to the slabs, but I ain't see him yet.


  1. You know the old saying about fix'n stuff, if you can't fix it hit it with a bigger hammer.

    I love it when the o'l hens start getting all roostered up over cooking something.

    Sounds to me like you have the Solar Oven pointed the wrong way, you know your still on New Mexico time don't you.

    Have a good t-day tomorrow.

  2. Well you fixed your internet problem that is what counts.

    Ben, I will have to try your suggestion next time I get technical support in India.

    Sadie Mae is a smart dog staying close to daddy unlike Lug Nut...

  3. Funny how they come up with that we'll call you back in a few days crap. I had them do me that way on Verizon cable one time and I got so pissed I had it fixed in 5 minutes. Don't guess you want to know what I told the American in a few days when he actually called me do you? Na... I better not say it here!

  4. Aint I slow! It only took me 2 hrs in traffic to go 30 miles to get the H outta LA.

    I cant beleive it! I left at 3 pm and got here at 10 somthin.

    I need an attitude adjustment!

    If the SHTF while Im in LA Im screweeeeed.

    anywayz, you can find me south of the Oasis till I wake up anyway. I think Im gonna find a new spot once the sun comes out. look for the yuppy mobil.

    you goto get your self one of these cheap boost cell phones and you will get internet like me, he he he

  5. River...it were pointed right straight into the sun and the freak'n time has nothing to do with how hot a solar oven will get...I'm on Ca. time.

    Ben, If'n I EVER call them people again, I'm gonna use my "oriental" dialog and really screw up some minds. "A-so...me satellitey no workey...you fix priddy qurick"?

    MsB, I can fix anything...broke or not.

    OGT, I tole you where I would be parked. North of the Oasis, not south. I'll send Lug Nut down that way in a bit and see if'n he can find ya.