Monday, November 9, 2009

Just a day

bla bla bla.....boy howdy what a day. Not a thing happened today to excite me in the least or any of you. Very boring. Must have something to do with spend'n too much time "do'n nuttin".

Made the trip to town today for get'n groceries and some other stuff. All went well. Oh wait, did I tell ya bout the checkout chick. That little bar code reader thingy fell right down though that hole. Poor little honey didn't know what to do. That shut that lane down.
Anyhows, that hundred dollar I were gonna spend.....whoa...$154, but I did get me one them high dollar use metal utensils non stick interior coated T-Fal Expert Cook fry skillets. Can't wait to abuse it with my stainless steel egg flipper thingy.

Broke out my high octane 1100 fps Beeman pellet gun today for to shoot me some them quail out there in the road eat'n corn, tortillas and pineapple cake. Shoot, I couldn't hit nuttin. Wasted 100 pellets try'n to sight it in but it never hit the same place twice.....what the hell. Then I were just look'n at it...just look'n. Well crap, the scope is loose...the little eye thingy. Tightened up that lock nut thingy (jam nut) and hit the bull eye no problem. Bout that time here come a lone quail.....pow, one shot, one quail breast in the fridge. Old "dead eye" Billy Bob gonna be eat'n quail tomorrow night fer sure. Now all I gots to do is figger out how to cook'em up.

Fount me another piece of property (5 acres) down in Terlingua Ranch. One mile from the paved ranch road, one mile from Chucks house and two mile from the Grub Shack. There's an old say'n...."yer ship come to port only one time". Everything is perfect about the property....drove that road and it's good. Looked on Google Earth and it has plenty of desert growth. But, as I recall, there is a lot of rock. Oh, before I fergit, it's located only bout 1000 yards from the south east corner of Camels Humps. I'm think'n buy sight unseen since I've looked in that area before. It's cheap enough that I could just write it off if I don't like it. What ya think???

Did I eat today? Yeah I did and that sucker stuck in the pan....rune'n it. A Jimmy Dean omelet don't spose to look like that. Gonna eat me 3 beef brats for dinner with some bread and a concoction of ketchup, mayo and mustard. Oh, fore I fergits, I were read'n a blog and this guy eats peanut butter, mayo and onion sanwiches. I gonna give it a try. But not tonight.


  1. hey maybe it was that peice I just gave back to the owner. if so Its a good one. I just didnt need 2 peices.

  2. I think you need to get JW to go over and take a look and take a bunch of pictures so we can all see it.

  3. About your dinner plans.

    paste this link


  4. Peanut butter, mayo n onions? C'mon, BB, I'll stick to peanut butter n nanner - if it was good enough for Big E its good enough for me!

  5. BBob, I've got a spare 5 acres of dirt and need a fish pond so come on over and get all the dirt you need to cover up your rocks.

    As for that concoction or what ever it was you posted about. My x eats vanilla wafers on bologna sandwiches with mayo, and plenty of pickles and tomato. That weren't the reason I left her though.

  6. When you say cheap how cheap is it? Been looking at a realtors inventory but even though the land is somewhat reasonable, the closing costs are not.

    Buy it Billy Bob, since it is close to the road you can resale at a later date for a profit.