Monday, November 16, 2009

Too freak'n cold

It were so cold last night I thought I were gonna die. To test my ability to withstand extreme blizzard conditions, I decided to leave all sources of heat OFF for the night. Boy howdy, ain't gonna do that again. It got down to bout 24 degs and only a few more in my bed. Lug Nut crawled up under the covers say'n...."what the hell wrong with you, turn on some heat". By morning, it was cold enough inside to "test" my brand spank'n new Mr Heater. In less than 30 minutes it were nice and cozy.

Something strange happen to my back last night. I were lay'n on the couch watch'n some PBS stuff and I feel something "click" in my back. Then I noticed my hip had quit hurt'n....what hurt all the time. Most of the pain in my lower right back was gone. BUT, the other side start hurt'n. This happened one time before right after my surgery, but it only lasted for a day, then right back to the way it was. Hope this cure lasts for the rest of my life. Been tot'n this pain around for close to 20 years.

Wow, time flies when ya ain't "do'n nuttin". Here it is another week gone by and all that stuff I were gonna do last week is still sit'n in the same place. Procrastination may a good word to use at this time. Actually, I been put'n it off for a reason. It's not good to just rush into something like "work" when ya can sit back on " da porch" sip'n a cup and think'n. I learnt long time ago, what ya don't do today, will still be there tomorrow.

Not that I have anything planned for the day, but I gots to do something. If'n I'm gonna hit the road in time for Thanksgiving dinner at the slabs, I got to get busy. It's a beautiful sunshiny day out there, but still only 52 degs. in the sun. On "da porch", bout 45. Not much to do other than pick up stuff I throwed on the ground do'n other stuff. Probably change the air filter and hope my gas mileage goes back up. Got new spark plugs, but the book says change at 50,000 miles. Hope I don't lose then in the next 3 or 4 years.

Got a brand spank'n new air compressor com'n by UPS tomorrow. The last one I had bit the dust pump'n 90# air in the tires. Junk!!! But then again, old Billy Bob is knowed for buy'n junk. Old pesky neighbor Wayne traded his 100# Sears compressor for the one that bit the dust, but it would only pump to 85#s....what ain't enough. Damn, I got this motorhome overloaded and the tires are over 5 years old. Speak'n of tires, ya know how much a set of tires cost? Yep, $2400. Holy crap that would bust me for sure.

Ok....gotta do something.....be back laters.

LOLOLOL....HAHAHAHA....yeah right Billy Bob, ya gotta do something. Old pesky meighbor Wayne come over and we talked for waaaaay too long. Then I made me up a big ol'e sandwih for lunch what put me slap out for the count. "Knock'em out ham samich". Then I got to look'n at land again....what everyone know takes hours of research and button push'n. So here I am at 3pm with nothing to show for my day other than a full stomach and a great big nap. Sheesh!!!

Oh Oh....I'm think'n I spoke too quick bout my back heal'n. Yeah right!!! Started hurt'n in that right hip again, but still not as bad as usual. Did ya know that a bad back can make ya "do nuttin"???

Sure is nice outside......what ya think??? A cup of fresh "man" coffee and do some think'n???
Well....that didn't last very long. It's still too cold out there for a sissy like me. Back inside with nuttin to do. Well I guess I could vacuum and do the dishes again....nah....they'll still be there tomorrow.


  1. I knighted you "king of do'n nuttin" for a reason...hehehe

    I was rolling on the floor laughing as I read the following:

    "It's not good to just rush into something like "work" when ya can sit back on " da porch" sip'n a cup and think'n. I learnt long time ago, what ya don't do today, will still be there tomorrow."

    Read it to my mother but she did not seem to find it as funny as I did, lol!!!

  2. Glad you mentioned compressors because I have got to look into getting one. The only gas station in town that had free air changed ownership and they removed the air hoses.

    Man your tires are expensive, it would break me for sure. Always wanted a small RV but I think I will make do with my camping van even though I too have that seriously overloaded.

    I hope your back is fixed for good, I know what it is like to suffer from back pain.

  3. That famous old saying comes to mind - "never do today what you can put off til tomorrow" - sounds tailor made for you, BB

  4. Would be nice if the back problem stayed gone, but you could have sure kept that cold there! I've got a little (Tiny) 1500 watt electric in here trying to cut down on burning propane. The electricity goes with the space and the gas doesn't. Hope it will get me by tonight! I've tried that leaving the heaters off and the only thing you'd have seen was my nose sticking out of the cover in the morning. Man! Was getting out of bet to turn on the heater a chore!

  5. I want to get one of those inversion beds that put you upside down. I hear it will make your back feel like new after a month doing it 15 minutes a day.