Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Frozen bones

I don't know bout the rest of ya, but old Billy Bob were cold all day long. I want ya to know that it got up to 59 degs today, but I were freez'n all day long. Sit outside this afternoon think'n I might pick up some that stuff lay'n on the ground. Nope, didn't do it. It were still there this morn'n, so it should still be there tomorrow.

That little piece of land I was look'n at in Terlingua, it bit the dust. Seems the seller made a mistake as to what piece of property they were selling. So, another one bites the dust.

Got my little brand spank'n new Hulk air compressor less then an hour ago. Plug it in, turn on that little switch and it purrrr'n like a brand spank'n new born huuuum'n bird. But WTH....hahahaha, bet ya thought I were gonna say F didn't ya.....it weren't mak'n no air pressure. So's I takes a look. Well what is this....where the little valve handle what ya turn to let out the water? Gone....busted off...just like that. Old Billy Bob know what to do...take it apart, what I did. Hmmmmm, I can fix this....what I did. Nuttin flat that sucker were up to 120# pressure. Now why can't I upload the pic???? Sheesh!!!That wasn't so hard. Just had to wait till Bloggle got their stuff together.


  1. I was looking at those little units for my MH. I'm getting ready to put the air bags on the rear to lift it up and wanted something to handle the tire pressure and the air bags. Nice looking little unit, I saw them for $ 140 did you beat that?

  2. Ok, I will bite...why would an air compressor have a valve to let out water?

    Are you using a realtor or are you looking in the internet for your future Terlingua property?

  3. River, the compressor is a little smaller than I though, probably bout 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" short stroke 3400rpm. The quick connect looks like it may not be for standard hose....hell I don't know. Will check all that tomorrow when I go look for a 25 foot hose. Same price.

    MsB...lol, sometimes you tickle the crap out me. Air compressors suck water out of the air...ya can't see it, but it's there. Then the water condenses in the air tank, what has a little valve to drain it out every so often.

    Yes, look'n on internet for that "one" perfect piece of property. Thought I had found it, but the realtor listed the wrong property.

  4. neat looking little air pumper.

    Sorry bout your ranch land. must not have been the "right" one . The absoulute right one will come along and you will know it.

    BTW,, you dang well better keep up with your post. If nothing else post , "I am OK, just nuthing to say yet"every morning after you get both eyes working. Was worried bout ya.

  5. Have you tried classic land sales? They did good for me.

    also one of Dbs relatives took over his biz and he had lots of good land when he left us. John Mills has her number.