Saturday, November 21, 2009

Prep Saturday

Now would ya lookie here??? My water hose is done froze up and I need my coffee. Some ya might think it unsanitary to use dog water for coffee, but I got to tell ya, it's as safe as water from the spigot. First, the water gonna get hot enough to burn the skin plumb off your body, so's there ain't gonna be no nasty germs swim'n in your cup. Second, that filter thingy gonna strain out all them dog hairs and anything else swim'n round in there. Ya want a cup????

Let me tell ya bout a blanket what ain't gonna stay on the bed. I got one them really slick $19 dollar Walmart 40 deg sleep'n bag all unzip'ed (cheaper than a brand spank'n new quilt), but that slick sucker just ain't gonna stay on the bed. Slide right off on da floor. Duct tape??? Safety pins??? Super glue???

Ok....here my list for the day.
[] 1. Clean off the table...that mean put stuff where it go
[] 2. Put all that old mail in a box what is lay'n on the bedroom floor
[] 3. Drain and fill da water tank with 40 gallon fresh water
[] 4. Put propane tank and hose in "da jeep".....refill Monday morning
[] 5. Roll up da yard water hose
[X] 6. Clean "da porch"....right!!!...when I says clean, I don't mean "clean".
[] 7. Find a place for the da golf bag....where???
[] 8. Check running lights on "Sally da house"
[] 9. Install air cleaner what is lay'n on da ground...that sucker don't fit...try again
[X] 10. Pick up meds and a few "eat'em ups" from Walmart
[] 11. Take a nap
[X] 12. Take a much needed break....lol, love this one

That should do it for the day and leave me free to "do'n nuttin" tomorrow.

HOLY CRAP!!!! Do you see what time it is??? Went off to town a long time ago, but ended up go'n down the road to get me some smokes from the Indian Smoke Shop. Then auto parts place and then a very crowded Walmart......Grrrrr to talk'n shoppers what block the isles. No respect at all. Guess that means no lay'n back tomorrow.

Speak'n of cell phones, did I ever tell ya bout the time....I were in line behind a nice look'n lady at Walmart. They was check'n and bag'n her goods when her cell phone rang. She were just a beat'n gums, paid for her stuff, turned and headed out the door...still beat'n gums. Ah lady, ya forgot your groceries. Yeah, she got her groceries, but they had to run her down in the park'n lot....still beat'n gums. Men don't do that ya know. In fact, most men don't know how to operate a cell phone in the first place, much less answer it. In fact, the only reason they do answer is 'cause they embarrassed by the stupid ring tone they have on it.

Got me up a nice little nap while an apple pie were bak'n in the oven. It don't look right, but I gonna eat it anyhows. In fact, it's an ugly apple pie.


  1. Dang nabit BB, you would think that by this time you would learn to draw up some water the night before to make coffee with. Can you make up the coffee pot and just not turn it on the night before? Good luck gitting your chores done so you can kick back tomorrow.

  2. BBob, you sure make me tired looking at that long list of to do's. As for the dog water its probably better than the water coming out of the spigots here. I'm going to have to take a chisel or grinder to the coffee pot here from all of the scale build up.

  3. You know BBob, you can really move when you want to. Im with Guy, that list made me take 2 naps today after reading it.

    Also men dont talk on the phone while doing other thigns cause we cant. Thats called multi tasking and its too hard.