Thursday, November 5, 2009

Maintenance day

Ok, here's the deal. Got all kind of sunshine, it's warm and I'm all fired up to "do something".

Think'n bout an oil change and change that air filter what ain't been changed in 25,000 miles. Maybe plug and wires, but probably not today.

Off to town I go......now where the hell are my dogs. I call 'em and call 'em, but no dogs. Went over and jump on Wayne's golf cart and go look'n....no dogs. Say..."to hell with it, they'll be back", so I open the door to "that jeep" and there my dogs...inside. Bet old pesky neighbor Wayne thought that was real freak'n cute.

Anyhows, Walmart done piss me off. After shop'n for an hour I got me a basket full of stuff, so I heads off to the checkouts. Holy crap, would you look them long lines...all 4 of them. I holler..."HEY", but that didn't help. So I left my cart full of stuff and went "manager" hunt'n. Old Billy Bob were HOT!!! Not a manager in sight, no where.....gone....AOL. Left the store mumbl'n stuff and went off to the auto parts store. Got my stuff there and since I had cooled off, went back to Walmart and retreived my cart full of stuff....there was 6 checkouts open along with 3 them 20 item checkouts and no lines to wait in....go figure.

Did I ever tell ya bout the time.....my youngest son (18) went grocery shop'n with me. We each took a cart and a list and fill them carts way up. We got to the checkout lines and I tell my son...."you git in that line"....what he did. After a 15 minute wait, the nice lady told my son..."this is a 20 items or less checkout". Boy howdy were my son embarrassed and pissed at good ol' dad. He never went shop'n with me again.

After an hour on the floor try'n to get both legs to work as a group, I tackled the job of an easy oil and filter change....right!!!! First thing, the oil catch'n thingy decided to overflow all over the ground....what I naturally got into. Then came the easy to get to oil filter. That sucker won't turn. Last person to change the filter must have put it on with an impact wrench. Busted knuckles, an hour oc choice words, it was finally decided to drive a big ol' screwdriver through it and hope for the best. First hole just ripped out but the second one did the trick....it moved. Over one hour just to change an oil filter....sheesh!!! Then I had to put new oil in using my homemade oil filler thingy.

That's all I gonna do today....'cept fer sit'n on da porch sip'n a cup.


  1. Have you taken that tape off of the MH yet. I was just reading the Slabs news and looks like they are all starting to arrive. Are you getting loaded up. You may have to leave that Bronco with the ol pesty neighbor to baby set.

  2. I was at the slabs last weekend and there were quite a few there already.

  3. Classic...screw driver through the oil filter...I love it.

  4. BB about your stuck oil filter,I use something like this and a 1/2" breaker bar, ain't none of them gotten away with refusing to budge yet.