Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The popster is back

Boy howdy am I ever glad to be back home. Don't EVER go to El Paso to get windshields replaced.

I could make this very short, but I ain't gonna.......

Made the right choice last night to stay at the rest area. Woke up at 4 am and look outside..."my God, it's daylight". No it weren't. It only looked like it under all them high power park'n lot lights. Have ya ever woke up and says..."where the hell am I"? That happens quite often when ya travel all over the country. Woke up on "da beach" one time think'n I was still in the desert.

Anyhows, I was still 30 miles from the winder fix'n place when I got on I-10. Allowed 45 minutes to get there by 8am. All was just fine, right on schedule, when I see this big line of traffic....in my lane. Someone done crashed up a brand spank'n new pick'un up truck. Got to the glass place at 8:25...but it didn't make no matter what time I got there, I was gonna wait.

This boy come out to the park'n lot where I was camp'n and took both my winders slap out....in less than 10 minutes. Then it was back to wait. Told that shop foreman feller to move that van and I would pull this loooong thing right in that big door. Boy howdy was it ever a close shave. With an 18 foots wheelbase, turns are very wide.

Swish bam boom.....winders installed and taped up. Hmmmmm....why the hell all the tape. They try'n to hide something??? Then back out to the park'n lot to wait 2 hours for the adhesive to take effect....or what ever.

Now, I'm back on I-10...go'n the other way right bout 60 mile when up the road I see this line of traffic. It were a bunch of rubberneckers scop'n out another wreck. Back up to 60 mile and "HOLY SHIT"...great big ol' garbage truck is com'n my way head on....from the other side the hi-way. He didn't make it....turned that sucker slap over. (didn't see any other vehicles involved)

Then I said..."well shoot, may as well get some this cheap Texas gas....with 10% ethanol. Whip'ed into a Pilot station....right! this thing won't fit in that tiny space. So back out on the road to Fly'n J....right! Freak'n card reader were broke. Pull to another pump, insert card. Now come a gazillion questions, what I can barely see. Since the gas was so cheap, I says..."filler up"....right!
Took 15 minutes to pump 21 gallons, so I cut it off at $50. They done lost a $125 sale with their slow pumps.

Now I'm back home....right at dark time. Couldn't see my "line'em up" markers so I just stuck it in the hole. Only 2 inches off on the front end. Close enough for an old retired fart.

Lug Nut and Sadie Mae sure were happy to see "daddy". Jump'n up and down like I been gone for a month. Did the same thing when I got home from the hospital.

That's all folks....see ya tomorrow.


  1. Well, all in all your day turned out ok, got to see a couple of neat wrecks, through your new windshields and you know your dogs missed you, even is Wayne didn't or won't admit it.

    sorry bout your gas up problem.

    Welcome home.

  2. Ok BB, I can see it all now, you setting up there behind those big shinny new windshields with a smile like a cheshire cat. So proud of those new winders uh, uh, What's that Trash truck doing in my lane, O crap it's turning over...Whew I made it...The only problem is that trash truck driver is telling the THP that he was blinded by some guy in a motorhome with windshields that were as bright as the sun. You better go throw some mud on those winders.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn3JB51NH_M

  4. Billy Bob last time I was in ElPaso was 1954 .Was new recruit taking my training at Fort Bliss.Good memories

  5. BBob, you should be able to see to get back to Terlingua now. Jan dean said she saw where 20 acres was for sale east of my 10 acres. $3000. That's pretty cheap for 20 acres! Probably hard as hell to get to though.