Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day three and still alive

Boy howdy, old Billy Bob feel'n better this morning. Think'n I'm gonna try a cup'o and see what happens. Hell, I thought I were gonna die out here in the middle of nowhere. Now I'm gonna just sit here and take it easy. Get down a cup of "mellow" coffee and see what gonna happen. Maybe eat up a scrambled egg......anything....I'm starved.

Did ya ever see a boy what ain't right? Boy howdy let me tell ya bout this little feller out here. He one them kind ya just want to "smak" right cross the head. But he got a daddy...be a big feller. This boy tell people "shut up", "git off my land", "keep yer dog over there" (speak'n of Lug Nut) and he run around like a little monkey. Yeah a monkey. Hope to hell he go to school tomorrow. Remind me of one my grandkids, Nick.

I don't drink no stink'n tequila. I don't drink no stink'n whiskey. An I ain't drunk no stink'n rum. But I did change my underwear just in case. Remind me the time I went to the hospital when I had one them heart attacks.....wooo howdy, were I in need of clean shorts. Just thought ya should know that. Listen to yer moma when she tell ya bout clean shorts.

Now I got a cup'o down, brewed me up two scrambled eggs what I eat most of with no ill effects. Wonder maybe if'n I should brew up a big pot of chicken, taters 'n noodles for the rest of the day.
Sounds good to me.

Holy cows, did ya see the weather in Deming? Poor old pesky neighbor Wayne gonna be get'n some snow. Sure glad I didn't wait another week or I would be right slap in the middle of a blizzard. Freez'n cold, burn'n up a ton of propane, can't play golf, lay'n on da couch watch'n tv and miserable as a duck with no water.

Now I gonna go sit outside and soak up some that warming sunshine.

Well, it weren't only Billy Bob what got sick. Other than myself, two others had the stomach rumbles. I tend to agree with the idea of possible food poison'n, but ya know, I ain't no doctor. With all the "stuff" I cook and eat, there ain't no way I can blame any kind sickness on me. Had a be the turkey 'cause turkeys eat poop....right???


  1. Dang, good to see you almost back to your ole cantankerous self. :-) and you got a plan worked out,, kick back and get sumething on your stomach that will stay there.

  2. Well BB think back to turkey day and what you ate. Sounds like to me you had a case of food poisoning. All sorts of ways to get it, most likely someone made their dish a couple of days in advance and did't keep it cool enough. Mayonnaise goes bad pretty quick, maybe it were one of them salads. Chicken can do pretty much the same thing, especially if some of the raw juices got mixed with something else like a salad that wasn't cooked. Take care and eat your own cooking for a while, if that kills you at least you know where and what done it.

  3. Glad you are on the top side of the dirt today.....

  4. Thats why I don't like to eat other peoples stuffing & other stuff. I think more people get sick from not cooking their bird long enough. it needs to be 165 degrees inside the theigh, and don't stuff the bird.

    Anyway glad your up and around.