Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday morn'n don't give a flip

Boy howdy, old Billy Bob is in one them maniac depression moods. Seems like every time I gets all 'cited bout something, I get whak'ed in the nads or what ever ya call 'em. Makes me wanna go outside and smak a tree. Tree??? Are you nuts, there ain't no tree....go mess with that cactus garden.

Do ya ever talk to yourself? I was in a heated discussion the other day with my otherself bout what I gonna do on vacation. "I" wants to go fish'n, but "I" wants to just lay back and do nuttin. Then "I" wants to go to south Texas and "I" wants to go west to Ca. "I" wants to go "digg'n" for gold, but "I" says I can't do that no more. Sheesh....why the hell does "I" have to mess stuff up?

Oh Oh, I gots to go to the hardware store. Buy me up some plumbing fit'ns for my new gas line. Was gonna go yesterday, but knowed the hardware store were closed on Sunday. Old pesky neighbor Wayne told me it was Saturday.......what the hell does he know???
Be back in a flash....

Yeah right....back in a flash!!! Let me tell ya bout that gald darn hardware store. They ain't got nuttin for old Billy Bob...out of stock...OH, it'll be here tuesday....we quit stock'n that.....Grrrrrrr.
Ended up with enough fittings to make a temporary connection, what I like better than the first plan. Less hose lay'n on the floor to trip over early in the morn'n. But.....the only cut off valve is on the main propane tank what will shut off everything. More fittings to install separate cut off valve......but I'm still safe....no leaks.


  1. Ya know BB, lately you remind me of way back when I was just a young sprout. Had a general store where we did all our shopping. Kinda 1950's small town version of Wal Mart, Lowe's and Tractor Supply all combined in one. Well the owned kept a large mason jar on the counter and it was full of penny candy. He'd let us kids dip our hand in and get whatever we wanted, trouble was the neck was too small for a fist full of candy to get through, so you had to settle for one or two of your favorite pieces. I'm thinking that your jar is pretty full of possibilities, but you can only do one or two of them and just like us kids, it gets really frustrating. Sounds like to me "U" are gonna have to tell "I" to get lost and make a decision or "U" gonna blow a gasket or something.

    Hope you realize that there are lots and lots of us home bodys that would trade places with you in a second.

  2. I just got through talkin to a guy that fishes the canal at the slabs for blue chanel cats. he says its good fishen there. offerd to take me out there. if I can only remember his name.

  3. Lol, Billy Bob you really crack me up, I can almost see you arguing with yourself!!

    Have to agree with Bob from Athens on this one.