Monday, November 2, 2009

El Paso bound

Nuther one them beautiful days In Deming. Got up right bout 6:30 to 45 degs and sun just com'n up. Boy howdy, can't beat that with a stick.

Been all day get'n ready for the hi-way to El Paso, Texas. Mostly just lay'n round think'n bout what I need to do. Dread this trip. Gotta sleep in a freak'n park'n lot, then in the morning, try to figure out how to get this big thing in the narrow entrance to the work area. That's tomorrow, this is today.

That's all the news from Billy Bob's house. Will be back online in a couple days....unless the window fix'n place has wifi.

See Ya!!!

Ha....and they thought they would fool old Billy Bob. Since I'm not for park'n in a dark unsecured parking lot, decided to just stay at a Texas Rest Area where they got wifi. Not a good connection, but it's wifi.

And....since I have a few hours before I hit the sack, thought I would tell ya bout my second bb gun. But first, I suppose I should tell ya bout my "first" Daisy BB gun. I were 6 year old and my pop (what the hell was he think'n) bought me a brand spank'n new Daisy for my birthday. I was liv'n on the farm with 5 orphan kids while pop was off fight'n in the war. I were too little to cock the Daisy BB gun, so the big boys would do it for me....then tell me.."shoot that chicken"..."shoot that pig in da ass"..."shoot that cow". Boy howdy, I were a shoot'n fool. But that come to an abrupt end when "moms" fount a dead chicken. She ask..."how that happen"? I says..."it just up and died". While pluck'n feathers, moms found a little hole and inside that hole was a brand spank'n new BB. BB gun go wrap round that big ol' tree in the back yard.

Now for Daisy BB gun number two. I were 12 years old up in Palasades Idaho where my pop worked on the dam and drank beer in the tavern....lots of beer. Well, one week end they had a celebrity come drink'n beer and mess'n with the wimmins. Hopalong Cassity (William Boyd). Boy howdy was I ever proud to meet him, but boy howdy was he ever drunk. Anyhows, they was hav'n a door prize draw'n and I was the ticket picker. Got rewarded for my efforts with a brand spank'n new Daisy BB gun, what at 12 year old, I could cock with no problem.

Well, I learnt to shoot the Daisy bb gun right dead on what ever I took a notion to shoot. Pop bought a brand spank'n new used 1937 Studebaker what had them door what was back'erds. If'n ya open the door go'n 50 mph....pooof, it were gone. Anyhows, while out eagle hun't'n...all little birds were eagles, I takes aim at that old Studebaker from bout 300 yards out think'n "ain't no way I can hit that headlight from here". Wrong!!! Pop was pissed 'cause that new headlight cost as much as 4 beers. Luckily, Daisy didn't get wrapped round no tree, but it come up miss'n for the longest. Turned up again when we moved to Las Vegas. That's where I shot my cousin right slap tween the eyes. Uncle knowed right off what happen even though we had different stories. Don't know what happen to my Daisy after that day.


  1. I know you dreading having to move your house, as for getting it into the lot ,, let them do it, then if they screw up they can fix it.

    As for staying over there you are set up for boon docking aren't you?

    Safe trip sir, hope all goes well.

  2. Ah the good ole days. Nowdays you go "paint ball hunting". Back when I was about 12 or so we did the same thing only with bb guns. The game winner or game shut downer was when you got your friend in the ear from the back. That was also generally when the fight started. Still remember the screems and the pain. Theirs and mine. Ah to be young again.

  3. Man O Man I remember those Daisy BB guns. I think mine was a Red Rider. They were not the wimpy ones like they make nowdays. I use to go Dove hunting with mine and come home with a bag full. I think now they only shoot 350fps. I use to be able to hit a wooden kitchen match stuck in the crack of a wooden post from 25', or a 22 shell stuck in a post. Shot me a ol Mommy skunk one time,you only need to do that once to learn not to do it again.

  4. You old fellas crack me up with your BB gun stories.

    When I was 12 I got a M-16 for my birthday and got in all sorts of trouble... AHHHHH Just kiddin.

    I did get a handme down 22 when I was 14 though. no funny stories just alot of dead birds/ rabbits. It too disapeared after my pop found the birds under the tree. Not that I could have used it anyways after that whoopin I got, couldnt see straight for weeks.

    Whats the weather like in Elpaso?
    Bolt everything down and carry stick with you. I dont like Elpaso much.