Thursday, November 26, 2009

Knaw'n on a turkey leg

Boy howdy, would ya lookie at that sunshine in my front winder. I waked up at 5am think'n it were time to get up, but it weren't. Rolled out right bout 7am with the sun just com'n up. Sheesh....the days are only from 7am till 4:30pm. That ain't right. I were ready to hit the sack last night at 7pm, but knowed I would have to sleep for 12 hours just to see the sunshine again.

Ok, here's the deal. Old Billy Bob got to make some changes. Gonna have to change direction on "Sally da house" so's the solar panels are look'n at the sun. Yeah....that what I gonna do right now....in a few minutes after I get that other eye open. My batteries are low this morning cause I didn't conserve yesterday. Ain't like it were in Deming hooked up to 24 hour hi voltage power supply.

Old Billy Bob won't be mak'n no yams this year. Seems the little girl next door gonna make 'em this time. That's Chili Bob's granddaughter from COLD Colorado. They headed back that way this week end.....back to work. At least someone has a job!!!

Well, that was easy. Moved "Sally da house", "that jeep", satellite dish, solar oven and Fred "da duck". Got back online just like that. Solar panels are happy now and Lug Nut just come home to check up on me. He's a good dog!!!

Now I gotta set up camp. Put the brand spank'n new awning out, figger out where to plant the flag pole and make me a "sit'n" place. Boy howdy, I can hardly wait.

Guess I need to jump in "that jeep" and go look'n for OGT. He's lost I'm tell'n ya....lost.
Well, that didn't work.....the guy is lost I'm tell'n ya. My freak'n awning springs are too tight....won't roll all the way out....damn!!! Now how ya gonna "fix" that Billy Bob??? "I don't know that I will fix it".

Weren't no time at all and here come OGT right up to my front door. Seems he was go'n that way while at the same time I were go'n tuther way.

Now it's time for to gobble some turkey and stuff.

Yum Yum eat'em up!!!!


  1. Glad you got "Sally da house" just the way you wanted it. Sorry about your new awning but I'm sure you will tackle that problem sooner or later...more than likely later, lol (wink)!!!

    Maybe OGT went to get some breakfast this morning that is why you can't find him.

    What time are you all having your turkey? Have a good Thanksgiving.

  2. Where oh Where is OGT... Oh where or where can he be?

  3. You know BB there is one problem with being the picture taker, that is the taker is never in any of um. I have hundreds of pictures of my family outings and I am only in about 1/50 of um. I finally found a couple of designated picture takers and the three of us switched from in back of camera to in front every so often, At least now I don't have to keep answering" where you at" all the time. Please get someone to take a few pictures with you front and center so we can see who is talking.

  4. you bet ya,, What Bob From Athens said,, hand someone else that camera a time or two.. Get a family photo, you Sadie and Lug nut.. ..

  5. finally found him. I was going east or west or south as he was going the other way. Still cant figure it out. but I finally got there and 4 hrs later, YUM Turkey!

  6. I went to quartzisite for the day, and just got back. Could it be that ole BBob is asleep at 7 pm? well he wasnt feeling very good today so could be.

    I went over to some place over near the Oasis and they are a playing music on a friday , Alright its a banjo player a picken some high mountian music.

    Bbob is missin out.

  7. I picked a good night to sleep int he hotel. Man it was a blowin around 3 am.

    Just finished breakfast and Im gonna go see if you are still out there. Maybe you didnt post anything cause your dish blew to the bombing range.