Wednesday, November 18, 2009

two trips to town

24 degs....yeah I can handle that. That is until I run out of propane. I always have electricity to fall back on with my two little 1500 watt cube heaters. Let's see....2 times 1500 divided by Br-549 carry the 1 plus 14.62 = right at 10,239 btu's. Yeah, that'll work. Anyone remember BR-549???

I were gonna make a morning post just for old Uncle Ben, but rekoned since I had the vacuum cleaner out I would vacuum "da laptop". Turn it off and lay it on the floor and vacuum away. Boy howdy yee haa. Turn it over and do the other side. Now I gots a rip snort'n hi speed internet clickity clickity click laptop. Ya aught'er hear that little fan...not a whisper. Bunch of dog hair come out them little holes.

What a testy day for old Billy Bob. Had'a make two trips to town to get this brand spank'n new air compressor hook up. Wasted way too much time try'n to make it so easy even a girl could operate it. Made a test run on two the back tires. Let some air out to 80# and pump'er up again. Well that didn't take long. Now for the front....well shoot, the air fill it up thingy won't fit...stems too short. Off to town and buy me some brand spank new valve stem extensions. Now it fit....BUT...the air goes in so slow it'll take 4 day to fill a tire. Draw'n board Billy Bob.....take it apart and fix it. Maybe ya got the extension too tight and squish'n that little gasket thingy. Have I ever mentioned "tomorrow"????

Hard decision bout what to eat for dinner. Were gonna have a big ol' T-bone steak, baked tater, mushroom gravy and corn on da cob. Since I had just enough chili left over, it were chili cheese fries with a whole chopped up white onion. Boy howdy!!!!


  1. I cant remember, Did Jr say BR549 in the barber shop? or was he in the store?

    My dad said we were related somehow to JR but I didnt know if it were true. My dad used to make fun of our Arkansas Hill relatives all the time. I luved Hee Haw, I want to find CDS with all the episodes and own them.

  2. Now BB you should not be giving away Junior Samples phone number.

  3. Ummm, don't know how HeeHaw adopted the number but it was the name of a band before that. copy and paste the link.