Sunday, November 22, 2009

One more day to departure

Up a little early this morn'n. Had'a pee really bad and the dogs wanted out. Seen a couple coyotes out there in Lug Nuts hunt'n grounds, but he stayed close to home this morning. Came back in after he watered the tires on "da jeep" and a couple big rocks....right back to bed.

Well, since I didn't get nuttin done yesterday, my "lay back" day today has been shot to hell. I'm think'n I need to find me a travel companion, not for the travel, but to help do all this "stuff" what gotta be done. Did I ever tell ya bout Vickie Lynn??? Boy howdy could that little girl do stuff. Never once did I go down the road with a dirty windshield like I do now. Too bad I couldn't afford her "smoke" and vodka.

Well here's yesterdays work list. Maybe I'll get 'er all done today.

[X] 1. Clean off the table...that mean put stuff where it go
[] 2. Put all that old mail in a box what is lay'n on the bedroom floor
[X] 3. Drain and fill da water tank with 40 gallon fresh water
[X] 4. Put propane tank and hose in "da jeep".....refill Monday morning
[] 5. Roll up da yard water hose
[X] 6. Clean "da porch"....right!!!...when I says clean, I don't mean "clean".
[] 7. Find a place for the da golf bag....where???
[] 8. Check running lights on "Sally da house"
[X] 9. Install air cleaner what is lay'n on da ground...that sucker don't fit...try again
[X] 10. Pick up meds and a few "eat'em ups" from Walmart
[] 11. Take a nap
[XXXXXX] 12. Take a much needed break....lol, love this one

Well, all go'n pretty good this morning. Had'a run that old pesky neighbor off. He were just sit' there say'n nuttin and doz'n off into ya ya land. Lug Nut is up at the Mexican bar again. That dog ain't right. Crazy dog!!!

LOLOLOL.....hahahaha, let me tell ya bout fill'n up them water jugs. I put the hose in one and turn on da water. Well, shoot, it should be full by now. Then I see's this water run'n out "that jeep". Great big ol' hole right there in the side the jug. Check the other one before I fill it. Off to Walmart for more water jugs. Guess I'll just eat out tonight so's I don't have any dishes to wash.

Ok, here's da plan, but everyone knows all bout plans.....like promises. Spend a month at the slabs do'n whatever. Then pack up and go to Yuma where "da pond" (Fortuna Pond) is located. Set up camp and catch me a mess them rainbow trout. Since it's BLM land, I'll only be there 14 days, unless I do like I did last year. Hide when the ranger comes round. Then back to the slabs....probably eat'em up all them trout....for another 2, 3, or 4 weeks. Now it's time to head back east. Yep, back to "da pond" for another 14 days (or more) and catch me up a bunch them rainbow trout. Did I mention I love to catch them fishes???

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  1. Well, looks like you are going to make it to the Slabs before T-day. I was starting to worry about you doing nutting all day long that you were not going to get loaded up.

    We will be headed to Q-site the middle of January and hope to stop by the Slabs to say howdy.