Monday, November 30, 2009

Walk'n on solid ground

Boy howdy, what a beautiful day to be "do'n nuttin". Old Billy Bob wake up this morning feel'n like a brand spank'n new dollar bill.....not worth much but nice and crisp. I see all that dark out there and says, "what da hell ya do'n now"??? Bout that time, Lug Nut done see something he just gots to chase, so's I rolled out, let him out and he "gone". Sadie only 5 seconds behind.

Made me up a pot of coffee what I was able to get down a couple cups, slaped together some oatmeal with raisins what I got half that down. Then I got to think'n, Billy Bob, you almost well again. Just take it easy today and all will be just fine....so that what I been do'n.

Went outside to sit on "da porch" but the sun were so bright I had to let the awning out. What I did. But it don't go all the way out......hmmmmmm, what if'n I take that leg loose and make a turn...both ends of course....sheesh, I ain't dumb ya know. Yep, that done the trick. Just like pay'n a hunerd dollar to have it done by a professional. Billy Bob fix stuff ya know.....for free.

Got some military jets fly'n over the bombing range today, but I ain't hear nuttin blow up. I'm think'n that Obama feller has something to do with it....you know, cut costs so we can spend a trillion dollar on his health crap program. The guy is nuts I'm tell'n ya....nuts.

Speak'n of health care, who gonna take care of old Billy Bob when there ain't no more insurance? I pay'ed 40 years for the Medicare program and now they want that money to pay for another government program plus they gonna raise my rates to boot. It ain't right I tell ya, it ain't right. And did ya know, ya got to furnish your own propane or a cord of wood to be cremated?

I think I need a nap.....done piss myself plumb off.

I were look'n at the weather thingy this morn'n and Holy cows, Billy Bob the only one what ain't freez'n. Deming were 31 degs, Terlingua were something like 27 degs....but it were only 52 degs at the slabs. LOLOLOL....hahahaha.....love it!!! Ah....it only 82 degs right now.

Did I tell ya bout my solar oven with the brand spank'n new polished aluminum diamond plate reflectors what I pait $47 for???? Well the suckers don't work worth a flip. Them little diamond thingys send solar rays in every direction but the right direction. But wait, old Billy Bob can fix that. Go get a can of aluminum polish an shine up the other "flat" side. What ya think????

Now, before anyone suggests I cover the reflectors with tin foil....hehehehe River.....I fount my metal polish, broke out my little random orbital sander, throwed a paper towel on the bottom and applied a generous gob of polish....walla, that works. In the Navy, we had to shine out aluminum lockers mirror finish, so I got's experience.

Boy howdy do my brand spank'n new solar powered yard light look good out there shin'n on Fred and that damn cat. Thank ya Santer Cause.


  1. Hay BB before you do that, cover the refectors with Alum foil with the shiny side out. That way you can test it before you tear it apart.

    Those military jets are all carrying blanks cause the Prez took all their shooting money away from them. used it for food stamps.

    Did I ever tell you about the time I saved me up a whole box of S&H green stamps and I was gona buy me something, well turned out I needed a pickup bed full of them books of stamps, I ended up buying my Mom some thing she wanted.

  2. Good to hear from ya again BB! Glad you are feeling better. It has been real lousy around here all day and they say Snow tonight. I sure hope not. Rain has taken out the internet here twice today and I gust got in to a skirmish with the owner lady of this place while ago for it. I think she was trying to tell me they were fixing to have a luncheon in there and she would as soon I weren't in there. I guess $450 a month in space rent and another $400 a month of cigs, beer and food just ain't enough to get me some respect around here?

  3. Glad you are feeling better Billy Bob.