Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hard work'n fool

Holy cows, now what Jimmy??? Where the hell is my post from this morning???? Sheesh!!!
Now I done forget what I were do'n. Gotta start all over.

Got up right bout still dark time, what I don't like to do 'cause I can't see a freak'n thing. Lug Nut took off like a bullet headed off over there where he see a rabbit yesterday. That dog can run!!!! Crazy dog. Poor little Sadie Mae ain't no way she can keep up.

Coffee tasted great this morning so I rekon I'm almost well. Went an look at the weather in Terlingua and Deming....no snow and 3 to 6 inches snow...in that order. Then I look at MY temp.....hehehehe....52 degs at 6:45am. By 7:30, it were 60 degs and get'n warmer.

Started polishing the solar oven reflectors for bout an hour while I were sit'n on "da porch". Put 'em back on and walla.....300 degs by 11am. So's I brewed up a big pot of "Billy Bob" jalepeno chile. Put it in the solar oven to simmer all afternoon. If it as good the last batch, it ain't gonna last very long. Old Billy Bob know how to "fix" stuff ya know.

Then I screwed some anchors into this hard gravel ground to tie the awning down just in case we get some 100 mph wind. I suppose it'll hold at 100 mph. Broke out my brand spank'n new adjustable leaf rake and raked the yard.....well just a little of it. Don't want to rush into too many projects at the same time. What I don't rake today, may still be there tomorrow.

Now that the chili is simmer'n, got the yard cleaned up, awning secure...how bout a little nap? Sounds good to me.......laters.

Now let me tell ya bout some Billy Bob Jalepeno chili. Boy howdy!!!
Need I say more???

Dark city right bout 4:45.....where the hell da sunshine? Can ya see the full moon right over my "Sally da house"?


  1. Are you going to post your recipe for your Billy Bob" jalapeno chili?

  2. LOL recipe....the only recipe I use is me taste bubs. But actually....
    1 1/2# 80/20 hamburger
    1# original Jimmy Dean sausage
    2 cans diced tomatoes
    2 mater cans fresh squeezed water
    1 can mater sauce
    1 big ol' diced onion
    bout 4 or 6 cloves garlic...pressed
    4 pacs regular chili mix...your choice
    1/4 to 1/3 cup chopped pickled jalepenos
    1/4 cup jalepeno juice
    salt and lots pepper to taste
    Boil it all up....cook meat first
    Put'er on a simmer for 4 or more hrs....eat'em up

  3. Tranlation:

    "mater" is "tomato".

  4. Should be


    "mater" is "tomato".

  5. Well BB,looks pretty spiffy. But what the heck with that flag pole, looks like you couldn't make up your mind what way was up, so you just tried them all.

  6. Is that a Coal Oil Lantern you have on the end table to read by. That sure looks like some good chili recipe you have, I'll just have to give that a try.

  7. Good looking campin site,, you sure got that gravel/dirt smoothed out good, now watch one of the dogs dump in it for you, :-)

  8. looks like a solar light made from a old oil lamp. very cool flame idea made from tinfoil.

    wow looks clean and you have more shade for the afternoon sun.

    very nice when canadians comeover to visit. ;-)

  9. Flag pole is designed that way....turns with the wind.
    The lamp on the table is kerosene...use lamp oil.
    The lamp on the flag pole is kerosene converted to solar by Billy Bob and Company.
    Oh....don't use 4 pacs of chili mix...only three.
    I know what a mater is...a damader

  10. Shoot BB you dont need to do no 'splainin to me, I thought everybody know what a mater is.