Thursday, December 3, 2009

Go'n fish'n...maybe

Another beautiful morning in the middle of nowhere. Can you believe that??? Not a cloud in the sky, temp right on 51.9 degs @ 8am. Although it were a little chilly last night, old Billy Bob were snug as a bug all wrap up in them covers.

Don't know what Lug Nut was a chas'n, but that dog was burn'n rubber and kick'n up dust. You would have to see it to believe....hunerd miles an hour in 6 seconds flat.

Had another blog follower come by for a visit while ago. From Arkansause or Alleybaba....done forget...just like that. Don't ask me his name 'cause I done forget that too. Damn, it's hell get'n old. Anyhows, he a real nice guy, bout close to my age, camped out just up the road a piece....in Texas that could be 50 miles. Next time I see him, I'll write down his name and where he from. In the mean time, maybe he'll leave that important information in the comments section.

Ain't got a thing planned to do today. Thought about a little nap here in a few, but shoot, I'm bout napped out. Got up last night at 2am....just 'cause I didn't have nuttin better to do. Sit around smok'n and think'n bout go'n over there to the canal and throw'n a line in there...maybe catch me a fish. My luck, here would come the Fish and Game feller out the bushes say'n "what ya think ya do'n"??? Then of course the sheriff would show up, put me in handcuffs and haul me away....just for mind'n my own business. Law don't like old Billy Bob.

Got me a pile 'o dishes what is stacked up in the sink just wait'n. Well, far as I concerned, they can just sit there and wait till tomorrow. Neighbor feller brung me over a book to read this morning. If'n I read that sucker it gonna be the first book I read in years. I either gonna go to sleep or get bored.

Oh, fore I forget, the dinner last night was a hit. Had that beef stuff with mushrooms and artychokes and butter licked parmejohn (that's cheese)biscuits on top cooked up in a dutch oven. Boy howdy were it good. A little salad on the side made for some good eat'n.

Now what ya gonna do Billy Bob???


  1. BB,you keep talking about lug nut taking off like he had something important to attend to. Well did it ever cross your mind that maybe it ain't a bar fight that he is looking for but a bar maid that's got his attention. Maybe your gonna be a grandpa before long.

  2. go ahead go fishing, worst case senario we get a good laugh at a story that starts with. "I was minding my own business when....

  3. Ain't nothing nice about the weather down here! Cold, Cloudy and windy as hell. Its been that way all day and last night the little heater only managed to keep it 50 degrees. I wasn't warm and comfy! I bet I woke up a dozen times freezing and didn't want to get out of the covers to put the heater on high. I'll sure make sure its on high tonight, but its only holding 66 now running full time on high. Guess I better get out another quilt!