Monday, December 7, 2009


Boy howdy, I want you look here. Water fall'n out the sky. Not much, but I would rekon we might get bout a gazillinth of an inch before this downpour is over. 50 degs. at Billy Bob's house.

Did my morning blog read'n, checked in at TFL chat room...naturally no one was talk'n..., put the dogs out to pee and now I have nuttin to do the rest of the day. Although, I do have a pile of dirty dishes and a full trash can what needs to go to town to the dumpster. Probably aughter pick up some fresh water since I only have bout 20 gallons left.

I usually don't talk bout wars and stuff, but since today is Dec. 7th, the day that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, I tip my hat to all those that lost their lives that day and the millions that lost their lives fighting for our freedom following that day. There are reasons for war, but I still don't understand the concept of kill'n your neighbor over petty arguments. I remember many instances in the bars, the big burley fellers were always start'n some kind of ruckus and the little guy...me...always ended up with the black eyes, bumps and bruises. I was born only a couple months before WWII and some have blamed the whole thing on me. Weren't MY fault.

Old Uncle Ben was on a roll yesterday when he mentioned Hillary and I agree with his thoughts. She's a pretty big girl when she's spout'n off her mouth, but that woman is nuts. Along with her sister Nancy. Oh....did ya see the news where Hillary is flirt'n with that "young" dude??? Disgusting!!! Has she no shame like her dear beloved did? Is this "revenge" time???


  1. we heard it all before, you were minding your own business gettin born and........perl harbor.

    since I was never the kind to push my weight around and never picked on the little guy, I was always being asked by the little guy to be the body guard to speak of in school. It really blows the mind of the bully when a big guy doesnt join the bully ranks. Bullies are cowards with small brains.

    rainin cats and dogs here right now.

    I think hillary is evil nough said.

  2. Never liked her or her old man either!!!!! I wasn't the bully type either, but I did get used as a shield a lot by the little guys. I did have a couple of guys jump me on the school ground one time and I managed to hold my own. Then that night me, my friend and his big brother loaded in the big brother's car and paid the one that was behind it a visit at his house. He was in the front yard when we pulled up and when I told him to come on out in the street he retired in to the house. From then on both of those guys always made sure they were on the other side if the school ground from me. ;)

  3. BB, ya better hunker down.. I just looked at your weather on Google Earth, and it shows a bunch of WET stuff headed right at ya.. Maybe hang all those dirty clothes you complaining about off on a line and let the rain wash them?

  4. Remind me tomorrow to post about this damn awning I just fixed the other day what wouldn't roll all the way out and now won't roll up.