Thursday, December 24, 2009

Where Billy Bob

"Oh....where have you been Billy Bob, Billy Bob...where have you been charming Billy???"
Oh, I just been lay'n round, swak'n golf balls, read'n crap mind'n my own business and "do'n nuttin". Just the usual "slab city" retired, ain't got nuttin better to do stuff.

Hey....did ya know it's almost Christmas time?? Boy howdy, how time fly by. Here I were a month ago think'n I was gonna miss Thanksgiv'n dinner and here it is time to eat'em up some Christmas dinner.

Ok, for all you doubters out there, old Billy Bob cook up a pan of jalepeno cornbread this morn'n...in a 325 deg homemade solar oven....built by none other than Mr. Billy Bob his self. But.....I have a new problem. That foamboard I used in it's construction has got to go. Did you know....when ya heat styrofoam to close to 325 degs, it put off a gas....not a fart, if'n that what ya think'n, but some kind of cancer caus'n chemical gas....I guess it could cause cancer....everything else does. That jalepeno cornbread tastes great, but ya gotta hold your nose so's ya don't breath them fumes. If'n I'm sick tomorrow, then ya don't eat it either.

Tennessee Ken just fired up his generator what operates the deep fryer what gonna cook our funnel cakes. Holy crap that thing is loud....sound like one them homemade 5hp Briggs & Stratton, belt drive old Ford Motor Co. alternator jobber'dos. Boy howdy is old Billy Bob all work up an 'cited.

For those that are unaware, I have been elected again this year to be the official candied yam cooker feller. I rekon I'll put it all together tonight and throw it in the oven tomorrow afternoon.

Ok...that's it....ain't got no more to say.
Hope everyone has a great and joyous Christmas.


  1. I knew I forgot to put something in the chicken and dressing! Dang Its already done. I bet some of those jalapenos would have spiced it up a bit. I looked at all these stores around here for sage and no one had any. Now I hear its probably growing on my land. Oh well... you can bet I'll eat it anyway. (Along with the mashed taters, gravy, hot rolls, and ham.) Problem after that will be staying awake!

  2. Merry Christmas Billy Bob. Hope Santa finds your house tonight!

  3. M*E*R*R*Y C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S

    Billy Bob!

    Please extend my wishes also to Goofy & Rich, Seanny Boy and Chili Bob? Have a great time at the Slabs!