Sunday, December 6, 2009

Boring Sunday

Boy howdy, I can see it now. Another boring day at the slabs. Beautiful sunshine, gorgeous morning, no wind, not a cloud in the sky, birds sing'n and I have nothing to do. It's hell get'n old.

Had a friend tell me one time....if'n ya wanna really piss someone off, just ignore them . Well....that's only one way. Old Billy Bob know some other ways...from years of experience ya know. Like the time we was sit'n at the bar and my buddy went to "relieve" himself. I took his beer and filled it with water. Boy howdy was he pissed. Then there was the time...... Yep, that was a good'ern too. The sad part of being piss off is ya miss all the fun, sit in yer chair grumpy all day, watch TV, try your damnest to find fault and just plain turn ugly mean.....for the rest of your life. Ya know anybody like that??? So sad!!!

Ok.....time to go outside, sit on "da porch" and drink me up some coffee.

Why is it so freak'n hard to make oatmeal all full of lumps and resemble a glob of some crap ya wouldn't eat if'n ya was starv'n. That's what I get if'n I go out for oatmeal. I got to be do'n something wrong 'cause mine comes out all smooth and juicy. Oh well, I'm just learn'n bout this cook'n stuff and I hear practice makes perfect.

Well shoot....good thing I didn't decide to take off all my clothes and go swim'n. Sky done all clouded up, temp dropped a few degs and the wind started blow'n. So, it were back inside, brew up another pot of coffee and put the batteries back on the charger.

Guess I'll fire up the Play Station and swak me some golf balls. Speak'n of swak'n golf balls....I tee'd one up last night and wallap that thing a mile. Damn that felt good.

Hell no I ain't been fish'n. Can't even find a place to get to the canal. Ya rekon that why???

Oh, before I forget....and old feller went to the hot spring last week and drowned. He had just bought 40 acres of property, decided to take a dip and that was it...poooof...gone, just like that.


  1. I agree Bbob, The worlds just too big and full of people to worry about a disgruntled small persons mental problems. Not that I go out of my way to piss people off, but Im sure my opinions do at times. Just dont see any reason to loose sleep over it.

    Did ya go fishin?

  2. you talkn bout larry? I was there when he died. or is this someone else? damn who was it? was he a regular out there? that makes about 7 this year who have died out there in the springs. I thought it was too hot for me to get in all the way last time I was there.

    I know there has got to be a way down to the canal, i saw some pics of someone fishin it. Ask James at the Oasis he knows how to get down there.

  3. I don't believe I want any part of those springs!