Saturday, December 5, 2009

What? No stock reports???

Up bright and early this morning....Boy howdy did old Billy Bob have to pee. Since I were already up figgered I may as well stay up and drink me up some coffee. Fired up the Onan generator and I hears someone yell..."HEY!!!". Now, what's his problem? I'm mak'n coffee here.

Were a bit on the chilly side...bout 36 degs, but in 15 minutes Mr. Heater had it nice and comfy for that first cup'o. Lug Nut was "gone" for only a short time before he was knock'n on the door want'n back in. Sissy dog!!!

Made me up a couple big ol' pancakes with bout a pound of butter, a heap'n pile blackberry preserves and some them molasses stuff. Then I don't know what happen. All sudden old Billy Bob was get'n heavy eyes and kind of groggy. I either not get'n nuff sleep or I die'n. Hit that couch and I were out like a light. Hehehe....early naps are as good as late naps.

Last night I brewed me up some jalepeno chili spaghetti with that chili I made the other day. Well shoot, I want you look at all that spaghetti I done went and made up. Half a box. Way too much for just a couple bowls....and the birds don't eat spaghetti.

Speak'n of chili.....I had a neighbor buddy in Galveston, Texas what was my bestest friend. BBQ together. Cook stuff together. Drink beer together. Go fish'n together. You know all the things buddies do. Well, we were cook'n a pot of "mean" Texas chili one day...all kind'a good stuff in it. Then it started..."ya can't put "that" in chili". "Ya don't put "smushed" garic in chili". "Did ya just put beer in that chili"? And on and on and on. We was back an forth till we was all red face and ready to fight. Last beer, we parted way and ain't seen each other since. Just a thought.

Ain't been a bit of sunshine all day long......that is till I went outside and hook up my battery charger. Crank up the generator, charger crank'n out 40 amps and walla....here come the sun. I rekon an hour on the battery charger will be enough for the batteries to make it through a session of internet tonight. They was down to 60% this morning, what is lower than I like.

Still at odds what to do with this solar oven. Tinkered with the reflectors (adjustments) but to no avail...still only 275 degs. And I ain't put'n no stink'n tin foil on them. Gonna check out the hardware stores and see if I can find me some smooth alum sheets, polish them up like mirrors and be done with it. Should'a bought them in Deming when I had the chance.

That's all I have to say bout that....Billy Bob and Co.


  1. put some tinfoil on it.

  2. BB, I'm thinking you just like to piss people off. I don't blame OGT at all for bad mouthing you to the man. Problem is that part about the falcon following you. Evidently word gets around so the man has been giving me the evil eye around here.

    Have I got a surprise OGT when he gets down in this part of the desert though. Word has it that Billy da kid's grand nephew is coming down for a shoot out and his picture is on the flier. ;)