Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sunshine in da desert

Just got some pics back from the developers in New York City of the Christmas dinner. That would be Billy Bob in the center load'n up a plate.

Boy howdy....it were a wonderful night for sleep'n. Didn't get lower than 48 degs last night and I waked up to a beautiful sun shiny morn'n. Gonna charge them batteries slap up in nuttin flat. Got the door swung wide open for the dogs to go in and out...in and out and in and out. Crazy dogs!!

On the agenda today will be further construction on that solar oven and of course, sit'n on da porch sip'n a cup and do'n some think'n. Did ya know that a thoughtless mind gonna cause ya trouble??? Ya got to think!!!

Fount me a new blog to follow yesterday night....don't know how I fount it, but he's an old fart bout my age and he "makes stuff". Right down my line of think'n. Ya might wanna check him out....right over there in the right...call himself "Old Fool". Or....Click here.

Ok, I got stuff to do.....after I brew me up something to eat for breakfast.

Boy howdy, old Billy Bob done be piss off, mad like a dog...fight'n mad. So freak'n mad I could squeeze a grape. Well....maybe not that mad. I spend all afternoon build'n that inside box....beautiful job...to fit in that outside box...beautiful job...but the damn thing won't fit right. What they say in China..."this tea don't taste right"??? Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Rekon we gonna have a big ol' bon fire tonight. Someone brung in a load of wood what from my house look like it gonna burn some BIG flames. I like fire.....big fires. I also like loud noises....like firecrackers and guns. Git all 'cited think'n bout it.

Ok....I'm out of here for the day. Dinner on the stove and almost time to fire up the campfire.
See's ya tomorrow...same time, same station.


  1. Billy Bob you crack me up, stay out of trouble will you and away from guns and firecrackers...you could start a fire at the slabs!!

    Would love to be around a campfire tonight but we are under a no burn ban.

    Have a Happy New Year!!

  2. BB, you ever herd the old phrase measure twice and cut once? ;)

    Now what happened to your Sidekick's new Blog? Looks like he's done nuked another one.

    You'll don't be shooting each other with them guns and have a good celebration. Maybe you could just throw a box of bullets in that fire and really have fun watching everyone clear the area.

  3. SHEESH, side kick and Im almost twice his size.lol

    Ole Billy Bobs guns are just fer looks, no chance of him gettin in trouble with em. Now, his cookin is the real danger at the slabs. he he

  4. Is Billy Bob still hung over from the festivities last night?