Monday, December 14, 2009

died last night

Boy howdy crapolas...what a night I had last night. I were hav'n a dream/nightmare bout die'n an I waked up 4 or 30 times with little goose bumps and sweat beads. Then I got to think'n, so what the big deal? I remember a few years back I were skeered to death....lol... that I was gonna die before I was ready. Ready ya say??? How the hell can someone be ready? Die'n ain't something ya just get ready for.

It weren't but 20 months ago and old Billy Bob done thought he done bit the dust. Three heart attacks in a two week period....what skeered hell out me. But something happen when I ended up in the hospital for open heart bypass surgery. I weren't skeered no more. I weren't the only one there and through open doors I could hear people cry'n an pray'n while clutch'n their bibles. But old Billy Bob just took it all with a grain of salt, not even think'n I could die.....poooof...just like that.

Three days after surgery I were lay'n on my "nap" couch in "da house" grinn'n from ear to ear, rais'n hell with pesky neighbor Wayne bout swak'n golf balls and want'n a smoke. Never a thought of what could have happen. I were alive and kick'n. But then....my life took on a different meaning. Things slowed down to a crawl....I weren't able to do "stuff" no more. This is it....ain't gonna get no better...take it or leave it. The last year has been good for me, swak'n golf balls, mak'n stuff and a few short trips in "Sally da house". I rekon I got lots to be thankful for, mainly to still be amungst the living and do'n the bestest I can.

Now....what did I give up. I gots a brand spank'n new bicycle I can't ride 'cause it got a flat tire. All my gold prospecting stuff is in storage. Don't chase the young wimmins no more. No more start'n a day early...unless it's tee time. No more put'n in a 6 hour day. No more walk'n the trash to the dumpster....ride in "that jeep". No more sleep'n all night long. No more eat'n big fat laden T-bone steak. Boy howdy, this sucks!!! But I have accepted and grown acustomed to "do'n nuttin".

Turned a little chilly last night but what a beautiful morning. All this sunshine make ya wanna go outside and sit on da porch sip'n a cup. What I did for a few hour. Now I gonna go back out there and eat me up a big bowl of homemade chicken/tater noodle soup.

Good to see OGT back.....where the hell ya been? Now where MsB and River?


  1. BB, fix that flat tire and take off on the bike for a few miles every day or at least every other day. Guarantee you will feel a lot better and will sleep a lot better. Just don't forget to put a big basket with a piece of carpet on it for Lug Nut and Salie Mae when they get tired. I sorta had to retire a couple of years ago. Doctor said I had osteoarthritis, said the only way to help it was to cut off the foot and put on a phoney one. I told the doctor to go to hell. I came home and started walkng all I could, at first with crutches then with canes now just me. MY main point here is that I found out that if I get a good amount of exercise regularly, my joint problems and a bunch of others stay out the way, but if I get lazy just for a couple of days, it takes sometimes a week to get back to walking regular again. So, BB, get off your butt and get out and walk, bike, swak some golf balls, whatever just stay active, I promise you, you will feel a lot better.

  2. BB, you're too ornery to die so forget that. Now you take a junior old fart like me walking around 10 acres in a set of heavy galoshes cause I ain't got no snake boots and not being used to a lot of walking to start with I feel like I could die.

  3. Ummm,, seems to me, the last time you ate someone else cooking over there at da Slabs you was all crippled up for a day or two. Maybe need to go back to YOUR own cooking maybe? just a though.

    And yea, exercise won't hurt you, or me for that matter. But at least I got a big ass yard to take care of.

  4. THE MANS , got me down. Im workin Tale.

    I'll be in florida in a few days and then Atlanta and back here.

    Gonna bring my daughter with me to the slabs I hope.

    about dyin, Im too young to think about it yet. I had a big steak the other night, you aint missin much.... YEAH RIGHT! LOL it was great!

  5. What I wrote in my post, I weren't mean'n I were think'n I were bout to die. Sheesh!! What I were say'n, is that if'n I did happen to think I were die'n, it ain't no biggie.
    I done did all my dreams, lived an adventurous life, travel all over the country, chased wimmins like the was rabbits, drunk up a gallon of beer, got enough toys to open a toy store and my damn bicycle gots a flat tire.
    I ain't go'n nowheres.